The standard Common Air Interface (CAI) defines the communication among mobiles and the base station.Challenges that are faced under wireless communication systems have multipath propagation and time varying features neither correct nor correct observable boundaries outside where stations are unable to receive network frames.


Types of CAI

  • Reverse voice channel
  • Forward voice channel
  • Forward control channel
  • Reverse control channel

Matrix operations for complex algorithms are supported in matlab physical models and effective functions as hist, fft, find etc are supported in MATLAB.For data visualization and technical calculation matlab acts as a software program.

Two various scenarios are used for simulations. To check out the availability for sending data through the network experiments are carried out with true time.Topology control process applies matlab simulation. The main aim of TC algorithm is to reduce the quantity of redundant active sensors which covers a specific area by deactivating a subset of sensors for a specified period.

Classification of multiple access techniques

  • Time division multiple access
  • Frequency division multiple access
  • Space division multiple access
  • Code division multiple access

Wide range of latency requirements are found in data applications when compared to voice, gaming have a tough delay as it is real-time applications while other files such as http have laxer needs.

Constant growth can be seen in wireless networks and mobile in the form of

Satellite based networks.

Wireless local area networks.

Wireless local loops.

Wireless asynchronous transfer mode networks.

Mobile Internet protocol.


  • Flexible.
  • Low cost.
  • High mobility.
  • Speed & easy deployment.

Wireless communication channel cannot be predicted and it is a difficult mode of communication. Radio spectrum allows various uses and systems and it is a scarce resource. Some wireless LAN technologies

  • Frequency hopping spread spectrum
  • Direct sequence spread spectrum
  • Narrow band spread spectrum

The problem that is faced by the current trend draws attention from industrial and research projects of mobile ad-hoc networks.In many wireless broadcast channels make use of CDMA standards and ideal ‘code’ is provided to every user. The interference among two cells which has equal frequency due to reuse of frequency is co-channel interference.

By making use of MATLAB with random network and to determine the optimal clusters to have in system can be simulated by LEACH.MATLAB wireless network simulation techniques are absorbed by us daily in which it can be implemented. We update IEEE journal every year based on MATLAB wireless network simulation project paper titles.

From the above mentioned technique we provide matlab wireless network simulation projects for academic students.