In Numerical computation matlab is the major tool. The matrix is the common data element so,simulation projects using matlab are fast to write and run the program with array based data.The programming characters such as functions,input/output, control flow statements and object  oriented are the high level matrix with array language.


Simulation Projects Using Matlab

It perform “programming in large” to create full complex and large application programs.”programming in small to create dirty throw away programs.3-D  image generate depth perception .It provide more innovation so users  feel include with experience and scene called virtual reality.

Discontinues of gray level in digital Image types:

  • Points.
  • Edges.
  • Lines.

The simplest way to discontinuities for run mask through an image. A edge,point ,line is  detected at location when mask entered.The method of defining a feature as set, or characteristics of image,which will provide  more meaningful or efficient representation of information that is mainly for analysis & classification.

The  technique of image enhancement is a methodology of image processing so,the outcome is perfectly applicable than original image with particular application.the technique increase the image quality as human largely used in.

Scientific,military,industrial applications.

Consumer electronics.

Software such as photoshop.

Classification of image contain object recognition ,classification scene provide major challenge for computer vision community.

The well- known publicized biometrics is the identification of fingerprint.It has the own uniqueness,fingerprints used for identification over century,recently automated by the computing capabilities advancements.the latest techniques involve enforcement law,forensic science.

The most advanced challenging research area is optical character recognition in the field of image processing for the few years.newer technique are developed for more research works which reduce the processing time with the given recognition accuracy using simulation projects with matlab.