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Electronics and communication engineering is considered resourceful support in scientific validation and mathematical rigor. The division of science is delivering the vision for various characteristics, effects, and the flow control of electrons in the semiconductors, gases, and vacuums. The devices are used for the accomplishment of various components such as exploitation, manipulation, storage, switch, steer, selection, and resistance. In the following, we have enlisted the research areas for choosing latest PhD research topics in electronics and communication engineering.

Top 20 + Research Areas in Electronics and Computer Science Engineering

  • Power Systems
  • Digital signal processing
  • Wireless communication
  • GIS and remote sensing
  • RF antenna and microwave
  • RFXpress
  • IBIS-AMI modeling
  • TDL communications
  • Hybrid beam forming
  • Data security
  • Device cryptography
  • Biomedical imaging and devices
  • Mixed and analog signal electronics
  • Robotics and control system
  • Context-aware networks
  • Self-configuring mobile things
  • Sustainable ICT Systems
  • Green cloud RAN
  • Sobriety in industrial automation
  • radio over fiber technology
  • Molecular MIMO communication
  • Intervehicle message sharing
  • D2D cellular data transmission
  • Underwater and underground interaction
  • Softwarized and virtualized networks
  • The CR-based small cell system
  • UWB technology

As per the data, the research fields in electronics and communication engineering are listed in the following for quick reference of research scholars.

Notable Algorithms in Electronics and Computer Science Engineering

  • Design of filter and forward relay
    • OFDM
    • MIMO
  • Radar communication
    • Ground-based radar
    • Satellite based radar
    • Ship-based radar
  • 8051 microcontroller DC motor speed control
  • Radiofrequency-controlled robotic car
  • Integration with verification
  • RSSI evaluation models
    • Indoor localization
  • RFID for door access control
  • LASER switch control
  • Modulation formats
    • Laser communication
  • Innovation and agility
  • Wireless networks
    • Sensor networks
    • Neural networks
    • Vehicle networks
    • Cognitive radio networks
  • Smart lighting
    • Optical wireless networks
  • Shortest tree routing (STR)
    • Zigbee networks
  • Hydropower plant
  • 3D Modelling
  • Ultrasound distance measurement

Below, our research experts have mentioned the pioneering research trends based on electronics and communication engineering.

Recent Research phd topics in electronics and communication engineering

Current Trends in Electronics and Computer Science Engineering

  • Signal processing
  • Remote sensing
  • Automation
  • Instrumentation
  • Healthcare
  • Smart energy systems
  • Automation in industries
  • Robotics
  • Autonomous drone logistics
  • Self-driving cars

Work with Smart People on Cool Technologies

  • High fidelity audio
  • 3D television
  • Wireless networks
  • Video games
  • Smartphones
  • Tablet computers
  • Medical devices

Below, the research scholars can grab some idea about the research areas in the electronics and commkunication engineering research field to develop their research project and select the research topics in this field.

Research Fields in Electronics and Communication Engineering

  • Power systems management
  • Power system and automation
  • Nuclear energy and other energy
  • Development and utilization of biomass energy
  • Renewable energy
  • Nano and microelectronics
  • High-frequency technology and microwaves
  • Electronic measurements
  • Automation, robotics, and control
  • Spintronics
  • Quantum electronics
  • Piezotronics
  • Photonics
  • Organic electronics
  • Nanoelectronics
  • Molecular electronics
  • Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)
  • Low power electronics
  • Flexible electronics
  • Failure modes of electronics
  • Bioelectronics
  • Atomtronics
  • Hybrid (Wireless and Optical) NoC
  • 3D IC design and analysis
  • Model predictive control
  • Diagnostic sensors
  • Data communications
  • Computer simulation
  • Computer architecture and VLSI
  • Biomedical electronics
  • Artificial intelligence

Following the topical research fields in electronics and computer science engineering,

PhD Research Topics in Electronics and Communication Engineering

  • Minimization of monotonous examination and design contemplation of Cassegrain for satellite communication
  • Optimization of resource and bandwidth allocation in wireless networks performance analysis using artificial intelligence
  • Effectual research on antenna design optimization based on evolutionary computation and machine learning techniques
  • Optimization of performance analysis and de-noising techniques for ultrasound images using an anisotropic diffusion filter
  • Effective analysis of power and memory optimization techniques for embedded systems
  • Bayesian interface-based modulation classification for MIMO OFDM signals using enhanced neural network
  • A novel technique for noise cancellation in speech signals with the aid of hybrid optimization algorithms
  • An efficient technique for recognition of hypernasality from speech signal using wavelet transform and ANN
  • Enhanced neural network classifier for pattern recognition of speech signal based on discrete wavelet transforms
  • An efficient technique for received signal strength threshold optimization based on filtering and optimization technique

Our research experts have enlisted the list of PhD research topics in electronics and communication engineering research field.In addition, the research applications are essential for the implementation of research projects because the research readers will search for the real-time problem-solving process in research. Therefore, we have stated the real-time applications in electronics and computer science engineering in the following.

Applications in Electronics and Communication Engineering

  • Bio electronics engineering
    • It is one of the applications in electrical engineering standards that is functional for health, behavior, medicine, and biology. It is used for the treatment, prevention, and diagnosis of disease for the enhancement of health and rehabilitation of patients
  • VLSI
    • Very-large-scale integration is abbreviated as VLSI and it is combined with the thousands of transistors in a single chip the microprocessor is the finest example of VLSI and it has the capability for the enhancement of CPU, ROM, RAM, and the single chip
  • Body area networks for healthcare monitoring
    • The real-time information gathering in the medical field and the wireless body area networks are utilized for the functions of sensor data with the utilization of this process. The healthcare applications based on WBAN include valuable contributions to medical diagnosis
  • Reliable communication in vehicular ad hoc networks
    • The interconnection among the internet of vehicles and intelligent transportation systems is functional to enhance transport safety, reduction of air pollution, relieve traffic congestion, reduction of road accidents, and development of comfort in transportation. The IoV is deployed to predict accidents and provide some indications to the human drivers
  • Multi-user MIMO communication
    • The wireless communication system is acquired for the impactful breakthrough along with the evolution of multiple input multiple output systems. The MIMO system is integrated with wireless standards such as 802.16e and 802.11n. This application is functional with several communication requirements
  • Fiber optic communication in vehicular ad hoc networks
    • It is one of the types of communication that is deployed to transmit data through long distances using the computer network. The conversion of electronic signals to light signals includes this process with the optical fibers. In the following, we highlighted the features based on the types of communication
      • Transmission security
      • Less electromagnetic interface
      • Long distance communication
      • High bandwidth

At present, we are discussing the issues from different sources in electronics and computer science engineering. Thus, our research experts provide better research solutions for all such research challenges that are mentioned below. Straight away, let us discuss the significant research challenges in electronics and computer science engineering.

Research Issues in Electronics and Communication Engineering

  • Next-generation inter-domain policy routing
  • Virtual reality-based game development with mobile device platforms
  • Advances in information and communication technologies (ICT)
  • Vertical handover management in heterogeneous wireless networks
  • Electron-phonon coupling in semiconductors
  • Side channel attacks in embedded systems
  • Prospects in antennas and propagation for mobile communication systems
  • Quality of service of critical applications in mobile networks
  • Echo canceller for DVB-T repeaters and 4/5G gap fillers
  • Advanced sensing techniques and sensor design for health protection
  • Recent development and application of quantum communication and security protocols
  • Antenna design for microwave and millimeter wave applications II: Latest advances and prospects

The research scholars have to know about the simulation tools that are used in the implementation of research projects. Thus, we have highlighted the list of tools deployed in the research based on electronics and computer science engineering.

Simulation Tools in Electronics and Communication Engineering

  • Opnet
  • Omnet++
  • Simulink
  • Matlab
  • Java
  • NS 2

In the following, our research professionals have answered the frequently asked question by the research scholars to develop their PhD research topics in electronics and computer science engineering.

Frequently Asked Questions to formulatePhD Research Topics in Electronics and Communication Engineering

What are the basics of electronics and communication engineering?

  • Digital signals
  • Analog signals

What are the latest research topics and technologies in the field of electronics and communication?

  • Optimal wireless node deployment
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Vehicular (M2M) communication
  • Cognitive radio and Software defined radio

What is the latest technology in electronics?

  • 6G cellular communication
  • Three-dimensional integrated circuit
  • Molecular electronics
  • Flexible electronics
  • Electronic nose
  • Digital scent technology
  • Screen less display
  • Virtual reality
  • Augmented reality
  • Bionic contact lens
  • Virtual retinal display
  • Optical transistor
  • Holography
  • Computer generated holography
  • Holographic display
  • Laser video displays
  • 3D displays
  • Volumetric display

What are the research areas in electronics and communication engineering?

  • Microelectronics
    • MEMS and sensors
    • Nanodevices
    • CMOS for RF
    • Low power circuits
  • RF and photonics
    • Biosensors
    • Optical communication
    • Antennas
    • RF MEMS
    • Imaging
  • Signal processing
    • Compressive sensing
    • SP for communications
    • Video
    • Speech/Audio
  • Communications
    • Cognitive radio
    • Information theory
    • MIMO technologies
    • Wireless communications
    • Coding theory
  • Networks
    • QOS architecture
    • Sensor networks
    • Wireless networks

Why reverse breakdown voltage of the diode increases with temperature if its Zener voltage is greater than 5V?

When the value of Zender effect domination is below 5 to 6V then it leads to the negative coefficient. Then the avalanche effect values about 5 and 6V, and it becomes predominant with the positive temperature coefficient.

What are some interesting research topics in antennae to current trends?

  • Evolutionary antenna design
  • Antenna based on surface integrated non-radiative dielectric waveguide
  • Low-temperature co-fired ceramic technology-based antenna
  • Antenna based on Fabry Perot cavity
  • Characteristics mode analysis and antenna based on CMA
  • lens antenna
  • Electromagnetic band gap structure-based antenna
  • Metamaterial inspired antenna

What are the research areas in electronics and communication engineering?

  • Computers
    • Computing devices
    • Microprocessors
  • Physics
    • Optical systems
    • Circuits
    • Semiconductors devices
  • Mathematics
    • Networks and systems
    • Information


What are the topics for research in electronics?

  • Top-speed motors and their topologies
  • HPVPS stages that include the high-power virtual systems
  • Wind turbine energy technologies
  • Renewable energy
  • Hybrid electric aerospace
  • Power systems and energy storage
  • DFIG machines: Improving energy efficiencies
  • Wind turbine generators: 3D temperature mapping
  • Cost functions for efficient electric vehicle drive systems
  • Electric vehicles and health monitoring of power semiconductor modules
  • Distributed generation systems: Loss detection of grid events through the pattern identification
  • Computer-aided design for electrical engineering
  • Series connected supercapacitor and li-ion capacitor cells: Active voltage equalization
What is the latest technology in electronics and communication?

OLED is denoted as one of the significant technologies in the electronics research field and is deployed on various electronic devices such as mobile phones, computer monitors, TV screens, etc.

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