Concealing a secret message within an ordinary message and deriving it at its destination is steganography. Concealing of a message scientifically by use of invisible ink or microdots and other size-reduction methods is technical  Matlab steganography .Hiding the message in the carrier in some non-obvious ways and again classified as open codes or Sema-grams is Linguistic steganography.MATLAB steganography projects are supported to B.E/B.TECH students .The projects paper title regarding MATLAB steganography are updated from ISI journal which has high impact factor. Spreading the bandwidth of a narrowband signal across a wide band of frequencies can be defined as spread spectrum communications. Extracting, detecting and destroying hidden object of the stego media is steganographic attacks, which is followed by steganalysis in Matlab Steganography Projects.

Technique used in Matlab Steganography:

  • Linguistic steganography.
  • Technical steganography.



Techniques used in Audio  Matlab Steganography :

  • Parity coding
  • Phase coding
  • Spread spectrum
  • Least significant but coding





Methods used to hide information in Matlab steganography

  • Encrypt and scatter.
  • Masking and filtering.
  • Least significant bit insertion (LSB).
  • Redundant pattern encoding.

Transformation and algorithms.By extracting the LSB bits of image pixels LSB encode is the image. We must group the binary bits to form the text file from the binary data.

Category of Matlab  steganography:

  • Lost Audio Packets Steganography
  • Multi-level Steganography
  • Retransmission steganography
  • Corrupted networks uses Hidden communication System
  • Padding steganography


To get a fast computation of wavelet transform DWT is used that is based on sub-band coding. The computation time and resource required is easy to implement and reduce. To transfer and receive message across channels encoder and decoder is used. The transferred ideas assume to be a uniformly distributed message. Two nested parts are consisted in JSTEG where the DCT is used in outer part, quantizes the co-efficient and inverts the transform.For More IEEE Based Steganography Matlab Projects contact us to know latest titles available for your final year topics in Steganography.

Types in Matlab Steganography

Frequency domain.

Spatial domain.

Frequency domain and Spatial domain are two different domain that are widely used in Matlab Steganography projects.The ratio of number of  unique color to that of pixels is around  1:6  on an uncompressed image after LSB pattern will increase .The phase changed in audio signal cannot be recognized and it can recognize noise in the signal under  Human Auditory System. The text message embedded using steganography is not possible with JPEG image images in phase Embedding while they make use of lossy compression which results in part of image data being changed.

MATLAB Steganography latest techniques are absorbed by us to develop the projects.