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Steganography Matlab Projects is used to transmit the confidential information on secret communication channel. There are two types in steganography  they are fragile and Robust.


In this type of Steganography the information is concealed in a file and the file gets destroyed if the file is changed.


In this type of Steganography the information is embedded in a file which cannot be destroyed.

The Steganography is used to convey a message through a channel of misrepresentation so that the existence of the information is both concealed and not easy to retrieve when discovered.

The motive of Steganography is to keep the message confidential within a cover media in a way that others cannot aware of the hidden message.

Media used in Steganography Matlab Projects

  • Audio and Video
  • Plain text
  • Ip Datagram
  • Still Imagery

The  System is password protected to make it more safe when hiding a encrypted secret information file.

Several Steganography techniques are EZstego , TSTEG and steganos. One can add data into coefficients of a transformed  image in frequency domain.

The above mentioned Steganography techniques using Steganography Matlab are supported by our concern.

The Random interval method is the one where LSB insertion method where a random number generator is used to randomly distribute and hide the bits of a secret message into the least significant bit of the pixels in a comer image

The elementary plan in  LSB is directly change  LSB of noisy or unused bits of cover image with the hidden information bits.LSB is very simple to implement and it has hiding capability and easy way to control steno image quality hence it is highly preferred for hiding the information.

Groups in Steganography Matlab Projects

  • Image Domain
  • Transform Domain

These two domains using Steganography Matlab is supported in our firm for all UG and PG students.

The meaning of network steganography is network convert channel. The Overall aim of this method to make stego datagram is not detectable by network watchers like sniffer, Intrusion Detection System(IDS).

The compressed audio formats are in the format of MP3,Free lossless Audio code, Advanced audio Coding(ACC) and Direct Stream Transfer are used in audio Steganography and uncompressed audio formats are as follows:

Multichannel Broadcast Wave Format(MBWF).
Waveform Audio File Format(WAV).
Broadcast Wave Format(BWF).

Steganography matlab project title are being updated from the Springer journal.

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