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Development of Haptic Robotic Arm using Flexes Sensor and Accelerometer is designed to control the robotic arm by recognizing the hand gestures. The hand gestures are nothing but, hand movements. Gesture based control is more popular in the field of robotics, which interfaces human movement in accordance to the machine / device. Haptic technology is used for designing a robotic arm. This Haptic technology is defined “to make use of the feedback from the sense of touch that enabled to control devices remotely”.

A developed haptic robotic arm is operated by detecting the motion of hand using flex sensors. The designed robotic arm mimics the actions of the hand and it controls the robotic arm.

The movement of hands is more flexible and also it supports variety of degree–of–freedom that enables to operate on different directions and angles.

A special glove is designed as the controller which is wearable and moved accordingly to operate the robotic arm. We have used the following electronic based devices for our Development of Haptic Robotic Arm Using Flexes Sensor and Accelerometer,

Required Hardware Components

  • Arduino Microcontroller
  • Servo Motors (In Robotic Arm)
  • Flex sensors
  • 3 – axis Sensor / Tilt Sensor
  • Accelerometer
  • ZigBee Transmitter
  • ZigBee-Receiver

Development of Haptic Robotic Arm using Flexes Sensor and Accelerometer

Many more topics are revolving in the field of robotics, among that a set of emerging project titles list out below,

  • An emergency supported fire fighting robot developed using Arduino microcontroller
  • A new record and play robotic arm
  • Arduino based self balancing robot
  • Ultrasonic sensor based floor surface cleaning robot
  • Using Arduino microcontroller also for designing a walking and dancing robot
  • An advance smart vacuum cleaner robot
  • A robotic vehicle designed and control also using mobile phone via bluetooth technology
  • An intelligent password authenticating system also by tracking the eye movements
Robotic Arm Topics
    • Development of autonomous robot also with dual – arm
    • An advanced pick and sort robots also in industries
    • An efficient security assist fingerprint also based authentication
    • Deployment of night vision camera on a vehicular spying robot that is operate also in military application
    • Development of a robotic vehicle that is enable also to detect metal based objects
    • Robotic vehicles in oil factories to monitor and also report the leakage of oil pipelines
    • A smart electronic stick construction also to support visually impaired persons
    • Using ZigBee wireless technology also to control household robot
    • An advanced visible light following robot also using in industrial applications
    • A robot based human rescuer used especially in the places affected also by natural disaster
    • A sports supporting cricket ball shooting robot
    • Development of also a touchscreen supported robot
    • A simpler bluetooth controlled robot
    • A novel wireless camera supported robotic vehicle also to capture live information
    • Using Short Message Service also to control the movement of robots
    • Measurement of soil moisture and also automatic water spraying robots used in gardening
    • Advanced pick and place robot control also using wireless technology
    • Sensor and GPS technology support also autonomous robotic vehicle
    • A novel pipe crawling robot
    • An intelligent automated light glowing system that is also design using multiple robotic lamps
    • Healthcare assisted robotic wheelchair design also using microcontroller
    • Robotic vehicle predicting its own current position also using RFID tags
  • Lets we discuss some robot titles to you,
    • An advanced telerobot design also to supports surgery
    • A reconfigurable robots design also for door opening and closing
    • A soft catching gripper based robotic vehicle design also using RF technology
    • A remote controlled wheelchair that is also efficient for physically challenged person
    • A new robot tracking system using also solar panel for power generation
    • Development of robotic arm also that uses IR for controlling the arm
    • An efficient paint spraying robot also that reduces labor cost and man effort
    • A dynamic robot design also to support household activity of floor mopping
    • A spy helicopter using robot prototype also to gather hidden information
    • Implementation of a supervisor robot to monitor the workers also in industries

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