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Design and Implementation of Pick and Place Robot using Voice & Gesture Recognition are develop extensively in today’s world to reduce manual efforts under several complex works. In this is a field of developing artificial machines that is enable to perform the job of a human by effortlessly and in lesser time. Robots are design and used in many real environments including agriculture, military, space, industry, healthcare, smart home and many more.

A pick and place robot is construct by programming the hardware components to move, bend, grab, lift and drop the object. A Design and Implementation of Pick and Place Robot Using Voice & Gesture Recognition target object is place on the surface, then the robotic arm is control either by using audible voice commands or hand gestures. Voice commands are pre–loaded into the robotic arm, based on which it obeys human’s command. Hand gestures are recognized only when the specially design glove is use. This hand gestures identifies physical movement, axis changes and based on it the robotic arm is move.

Electronics Devices used in Pick & Place Robot

  • Microcontroller
  • Accelerometer sensor
  • Micro Electromechanical Sensors
  • RF module (Transmitter and Receiver)
  • Motor drives
  • Power supply

Design and Implementation of Pick and Place Robot using Voice & Gesture Recognition

We have grouped up a set of experts for robotics and from their knowledge some novel project topics are presented,

  • A new longer distance speech recognition based robotic vehicle
  • Innovative robotic vehicle that is control using touch screen based remote
  • An advanced Dual Tome Multiple Frequency control robotic vehicle
  • Using AVR microcontroller and IR sensor for developing a line following robot
  • Military environment support spy robot along with night vision camera to capture strangers
  • Development of a humanoid robot that are control whose movement is control using computer based orders
  • Safety support rescue robot to rescue child fell into borehole using the commands provided from PC
  • An innovative navigation robot uses Radio Frequency Identification technology and sensors
  • Autonomous obstacle detecting robot and also alters the direction accordingly
  • Constructing a robotic vehicle and control also using the wireless technology bluetooth
  • Robot assisted for monitoring agricultural field and also automatically reporting the plant health status
  • An autonomous fire fighting robot that also sprays water if vigorous fire is sensed
  • GSM technology based also development of unmanned robotic vehicle
  • A new wall painting robot design also using motors, sensors and microcontroller
  • Ultrasonic sensors and GPS technology involve also mobile robot
  • Development of a four fingered microcontroller also based robotic hand
  • A path tracking robot that is operate also autonomously and used for surveillance application
  • Designing a robotic vehicle control also by voice
  • A new pick and place robot design also to control using remote devices
Robot Topics,
  • A new four legged walking robot that is also controlled using mobile phone
  • A lawnmower robot operated also using solar power panels
  • A household helping robot also that cleans the surface
  • Human supported wall climbing robot designed also using stepper more and microcontroller
  • Microcontroller based gesture controlled smart also wheelchair
  • A speed controlling robot operates automatically also on detecting an interrupting obstacle on the path
  • An advanced color detecting robot also that classifies the objects based on their color
  • Safety and security supported robot that also detects gas leakages and warns using ZigBee module
  • A warehouse robot also using Radio Frequency Identification technology
  • A live video transmitting wireless surveillance robot that also helps to detect movements
  • Designing a smart boat which is also based on identification of obstacles
  • ZigBee technology based multi–purpose spy robot develop also with microcontroller
  • An edge avoider robot design also using microcontroller
  • Development of a ZigBee module based security systems also with domestic robots
Voice Gesture Robot titles,
  • Optical sensor based position tracking robot
  • An efficient pipe line inspecting robot designed also with camera and GSM module
  • An advanced also autonomous steering controlling robot
  • An intelligent target detection and also shooting robot
  • A robotic vehicle aggregating the ripped corn and also paddy from fields
  • Design of a self-balancing robot also using Arduino microcontroller
  • A slave robot that cleaning glass door also at home environment

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