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The network is the connection established among devices for sharing information. It can be both wired and wireless. A network should be capable of processing huge data in real-time. Our computer network project topics service will make your paper writing work easy and interesting. Below is an article on all the information you needed to write a worthy paper in networks. First, let us start with the design of the network.

Network Design and Architecture

Designing a network involves the following stages.

    • Making a good network layout (grid / ring / circle)
    • Constructing with nodes
    • Setting the design
    • Management of network
    • Maintaining its functioning
    • Efficient Operation of infrastructure

    Properly following all these steps in networking can ensure the utmost efficiency of the system. Before attempting to design a network, you need to know the different types of networks because they can help you choose the best type of network for you.

    Types of Networks

    There are different types of networks based on their size and usage. Research Scholars can choose interesting computer network project topics from below mentioned domain. They are listed below.

    • Satellite networks
    • Metropolitan area networks
    • Broadband networks
    • Wireless networks
    • Radio networks
    • Wide area networks
    • Shared local area networks
    • Optical networks

    You can design a network after knowing the working of all these types of networks. You will be puzzled to find the resources for understanding these. We at Computer Network Project Topics service provide you a large amount of reliable data. Choosing the best network design also includes many other clarifications. Following are the points to be remembered before designing a network.

    What are the important parameters in network design?

    Following are the different points to be kept in mind while designing a network.

    • Characteristic of nodes
    • Random or grid structure of network
    • Bandwidth and range of frequency
    • The technology used for communication
    • Standard of IEEE
    • MAC protocol
    • Using node according to network
    • All network protocols

    Now let us look into the types of devices in a network.

    Types of devices in a network

    The working of a network depends mainly on the network components. The following are the different types of devices in a network.

    • Smart phones
    • Vehicles
    • Gateway
    • Sensors
    • Switches
    • And many more

    Now it is important to know the best research areas in networks. We have given them below.


    The following are the major trending fields of research in the network. Choosing computer network project topics will be of great use to you while writing a paper in following research areas.

    • Internet of vehicles
    • Li-Fi technology
    • High quality streaming of videos
    • Reliable audio and video broadcasting in IEEE 802.11 networks
    • Cybersecurity
    • Cyber physical systems
    • Radio Over Fiber
    • IoT Lightweight cryptography
    • Monitoring QoS
    • Radio Over Free Space Optics
    • Wireless transfer of power and communication

    We guide researches and paper writing in all these potential research areas. Our experts are ready to guide you on any topic of computer network research. We encourage you to come up with novel ideas on computer network projects of your interest. Now let us look into some of the potential application areas of network research.


    Your research in networking can be of great importance in the following fields.

    • Smart city architecture
    • Response to disasters
    • Controlling industries
    • Monitoring environment

    With the advancement in technology, network research is gaining huge significance among research scholars across various universities of the world. It is quite important for you to know about the programming languages used in network design. The common languages used in network design are given below.

    What Are The Programming Languages For Networks?

    The following are the major important programming languages used in network designing.

    • Python
    • C
    • C++
    • Java
    • Go
    • Tel
    • Perl
    • Bash

    After designing your network, the working efficiency of the network is to be studied based on the following performance metrics.


    Two important performance metrics for the analysis of network functioning are given below.

    • Bandwidth determines the range of frequency utilized for transmission
    • Delay in network and round trip time impact significantly in network functioning

    Other performance metrics are used to determine the efficiency of the network’s working. We spend quality time to know all these aspects of a network. It’s not time-consuming since we update in a daily mode and know all the current trends of the network. Hence, our team of experts can make this work easy for you. As a matter of fact, we will provide you all practical explanations and make you understand everything. We are giving you the expectations of the reviewers below.

    We have more than 12 years of experience in network paper writing guidance. So we can give you all sorts of support for your paper publication. Following are the expectations of the reviewers. You should include and highlight the following aspects in your paper.


  • Modules used for simulation with proper versions
  • Tool for simulation
  • Distribution of packets, traffic, protocols
  • Analysis of efficiency of functioning
  • Information about types and density of nodes

These are the few significant expectations of reviewers. There are also other expectations for which you should undertake multiple revisions. Our experts provide you grammatical checks, multiple revisions, and checking of your research paper.

To know further about network paper writing guidance, you can contact us at any time. Further, we will provide you all the necessary support for any Computer Network Project Topics. Our 24/7 customer support facility is here to aid and advice you on all aspects of research, including thesis and paper writing.

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