Communication projects are developed for ensuring connectivity between two parties in the wireless communication, connectivity also known as communication transferring information, opinions and ideas. The reasonably priced microcontroller units are called as Peripheral Interface Controllers (PICs) it can have the functionality of serial communication. Widely used methodologically computing simulation software is Matlab it supports the serial communication in the midst of external devices. One of the most fashionable microcontrollers is PICs which is developed for the applications of hobby, educational and also industrial applications.



Communication projects should be implemented for the areas of signal processing, audio processing, video processing and wireless communication. The communication projects are most accepted for students and research scholars. Research scholars choose their objective under the communication area. Goals in the digital communications are must reside within the accessible resources and some acceptable values of bit-error rate.

 A closed loop control system process under simulation tool. This is also known as servo system. The servo system can have the capable of using a few methods of feedback to determine the current status, abide by the correct order, to define the exact results need acceptance of order, to attain an error signal the comparison should be made between the exact results and the current status.

     Visible light communication system operates with matlab, which depends on the video and audio transmission. The line of sight (LOS) and visible light communication are the free space optical communication system. In optical wireless communication system transmission can be done between common links of two points. This can express the hindered path and straight beam of visible light. Need to satisfy both data transmission and illumination of home environment wireless network. This is the main objective of visible light communication which has the applications of off-the-shelf LEDs.

    A few of the concepts are done using matlab simulations. There are,

Multimedia transmission over wireless.

Moving Object tracking.

Line Follower.

Speed Control of Permanent Magnet DC Motor. 

  In communication some of the speech recognition concepts also include for emerging the simulation process. To define the speech recognition having speech waves according to that automatically recognize positive words and involves some individual information. Ideas behind in voice recognition technology for hearing impaired peoples. MOSFET pressure sensor applied for a very sensitive mechanism. Here, the current changes between the source-drain and stress in channel region. Some of the pattern recognition technologies also included in the simulation process for visually impaired peoples.