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Overview of Optical Communication Simulation: Communication towards distance is known as optical communication or optical telecommunication. The functions of telecommunication happen with electronic devices.

Notable Advantages in Optical Communication

Let us take a glance over the significant uses of optical communication simulation

  • It has the ability to archive the long-distance transmission by the angle of light and the reflection of the light and it functions due to the reflection

Significant Modules in Optical Communication Simulation

The following are the few major modules of optical communication. Research students can utilize any of the below modules and can use a combination of modules for the

Implementation process of their projects under our complete support and guidance

Modules with their Purpose

  • OCSim
    • It helps to offer accurate results in the simulation process
    • It is the well-accepted module in the novel fiber optic communication

Important Plugins in Optical Communication

In general, plugins are parallel to the main part of the system as they serve as the foundation block to implement existing research. Research students know how to use the plugins in their research projects and we provide complete support with the help of our experts. We have listed down a few plugins for your reference and they are explained below

Plugins and their Uses

  • Optical Fibre Toolbox
    • It supports the improvement of the tapered microfibers and it offers the automatic calculation in the simple optical fiber

Substantial Classes in Optical Communication

We have highlighted a few major classes of optical communication simulation for research scholars to get brief technical insights into the simulation

Classes and Its Functions

  • Marker Plot (X, Y, Style, Colour, NOM, Maker)
  • It helps to design the appropriate plot for all the simulation

Supportive Tools in Optical Communication Simulation

We have listed a few tools below which have been integrated with optical communication to provide better results. But research scholars might prefer any tool and get our customized service from our research team as we have technically skilled experts for all the tools implementation

Tools with its Purposes

  • OptSim
    • It provides supports for the computer designs in the optical network communication

Software Requirements in Optical Communication

We have listed down the significant programming language and scholars can select any other programming language for their implementation process which is apt for their research ideas with the support of our expert guidance

Programming Languages in Optical Communication

  • m-file Language (Matlab)

We have provided a brief note on the operating system to implement the research project using optical communication simulation. In case research scholars have to insert different operating systems, we will provide complete support for the implementation process

OS Support in Optical Communication

  • Processor: Interprocessor
  • Operating System: Windows 10 (64 bit)
  • RAM: 8GB

This is the major and supportive version that is widely used to implement optical communication. Research scholars can use different version and their requirements and we provide support for that implementation


The version in Optical Communication

Foremost Protocols in Optical Communication

We have listed down some protocols as just a sample protocol, but we offer support of all types of protocols in optical communication for the research scholars

  • Optical Transport Network Protocol (OTN)
    • It belongs to the optical network elements which are connected with the switching, supervision, multiplexing, transport, survivability, and management in the optical channels

Topical Subjects in Optical Communication

There are several subject areas that can be implemented in optical communication but we have listed only a few subjects below for your reference

Important Parameters in Optical Communication

In the evaluation process of the research projects, the parameter and metrics play their significant role; we have listed some parameters as major factors for research scholars to attain the accurate result in optical communication

  • Bit Rate
  • Gaussian RMS Width
  • Optical Wavelength
  • Bit Error Rate
  • Detector Responsibility
  • Receiver Optics Efficiency
  • Distance Among the Satellites
  • Transmitter Optics Efficiency

Subjects with the Apt Tools in Optical Communication Simulation

Hereby, we have listed down the subject areas with the appropriate tools in the optical communication

  • Two Layer Grid
  • Field Power
  • Optical Fiber Modes

Free Space Optical Communication Syntax

The following is about the significant syntaxes used in the optical communication

  • Initially, the simulation parameters are located
  • Configure the simulation parameters with the BER array, threshold array, etc
  • The extinction ratio and the optical power is known as the main loop
  • The measurement of the power levels in the SNR value is the laser modulation part
  • FSO channel effect
  • Performance metrics

Notable Applications in Optical Communication

Generally, there are numerous applications used for optical communication but we have listed some applications for your reference

  • Internet Communication
  • Optical Communication is Deployed for the Telecommunication Companies
  • It is used to transmit the signals in the telephone

Vital Algorithms in Optical Communication

We have highlighted some algorithms used in optical communication but the research scholars can use any algorithm for their project implementation and we provide all kinds of support for the implementation process

  • Statistical Simulation of the Impulse Response
  • To set the approximate algorithm
  • The approximate algorithm becomes binary

Significant Areas in Optical Communication

The following are a few major areas where scholars can precede their research in optical communication simulation. But scholars can go beyond these areas and bring their own research concepts. We are here to support you with all our dedication and expertise.

  • Carrier Density and Optical Power Station
  • Cable Television Signals

Major Metrics in Optical Communication

Metrics are used to evaluate the research project. Thus, we have listed down the significant metrics used in the optical communication simulation

  • Bit Error Ratio (BER)
  • Error Vector Magnitude (EVM)

Key Process in Optical Communication

Let us discuss the overall process which is implemented in the optimal communication simulation has three as major and such as

  • The devices have some physical regulation such as the connect, optical cross and etc
  • The amplifier gain model gained to the overall connections
  • In addition to complexity, the signal is essential in the network

Vital Steps in Optical Communication Simulation

The step we followed in the implementation process of optical communication

is highlighted below

  • The network topology is assigned for the graph to locate the links and the nodes
  • The number of lightpaths are stood for the traffic matrices
  • In the link the amplifier is placed as early as possible
  • The signal threshold is located
  • End

Parameters Analyzed in Optical Communication

Quality of service is used to measure the performance of the process thus we have highlighted the QoS in optical communication simulation

QoS in Optical Communication

  • Survivability
  • Packet Loss Rate (PLR)
  • Network or Transmission Level
  • Secrecy

As per the evaluation process, the quality of experience is the most significant part of the research process of the optical communication simulation

QoE in Optical Communication Parameters

  • Route Availability (RA)

Process of Routing in Optical Communication

We have listed only one major routing process below to get a basic understanding of optical communication simulation

  • Routing and Wavelength Assignment (RWA)
    • It is used to increase the number of connections which is established in the route and the wavelength
Innovative Project Titles in Optical Communication Simulation

Hereby, we have highlighted the project titles as a reference for the research scholars in optical communication

  • Optical Fiber Simulation
  • Disperation Compensation Fiber Optical Communication
  • Digital Signal Processing Optical Communication
  • Optical Fiber Step Index Communication
  • Global Optimization in Optical Communication

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