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Android Phone Controlled Voice, Gesture Operated Smart Wheelchair is built to comfort physically disabled persons. The major scope of this intelligent wheelchair is to design a self-controllable chair. This smart wheelchair is enabled to be controlled by voice commands using smart phones and gestures that are based on the hand movements. These controls help to move themselves to the required position.

The conventional wheelchair needs a manual power to move from one place to another, whereas this smart wheelchair design is efficient to move in four directions controlled by the particular person itself.

While controlling the wheelchair using smart phone, the mobile and the wheelchair should be wirelessly paired using bluetooth technology. Along with these two different controls, this system can facilitate with some sensors to predict any emergency and also a panic button can be deployed for messaging the critical state to caretakers. Android Phone Controlled Voice, Gesture Operated Smart Wheelchair Hereby the hardware devices used in development is listed below,

Essential Components for Designing an Intelligent Wheelchair

  • Microcontroller
  • Sensors
  • Motor Driver
  • Bluetooth Module
  • Peripheral power loads
  • Smart Phone
  • Battery

  Mind–blowing topics existing on electronics, communication areas are listed and best of your knowledge can be preferred for your project,

  • Security maintenance system for banking sector by using live video transmission
  • An advanced density controlled traffic signals
  • Novel greenhouse gas status monitoring system for extending the plants growth
  • Advanced rain force based autonomous vehicle glass wiper system
  • A voice announcement system in hospital environment to assist patients
  • Band locker monitoring system and voice based reporting of warning messages
  • An fuel leakage based alerting system in large scale industries
  • A weather monitoring system assisted with agricultural environment to analyze the crop growth
  • Detecting an alerting the driver with fuel levels in vehicle
  • Identification of toxic gases emission and automatically dial up for emergency controls
  • Microcontroller based voice based token number displaying system
  • An intelligent smart medicine box for elderly persons
  • A new natural disaster monitoring system developed by wireless sensor network
  • Automatic paving route for emergency ambulance service by controlling the traffic signals
  • Deployment of road side sensors also for estimated over speed driving vehicle
Some new-fangeled topics
  • An autonomous security based door controlling system also which announces warning via voice announcements
  • Street light controlling system during night times in accordance to the vehicle movements
  • Weight based autonomous garbage monitoring system also in smart city environment using IoT
  • Design and implementation of insect robot also to identify underground pipe breakage
  • Wi–Fi module based agricultural irrigation system
  • Alive human detection using robot to rescue critical life also in war fields
  • Design and implementation of aeronautical crash prevention also with the assistance of microcontroller and Radio Frequency
  • Development of pick and place robot controlled also using hand gestures
  • Autonomous garage opening system also using password
  • A new solar panel tracking system in embedded systems
  • Design and implementation of smart home also security system
  • An advanced secure shopping system also from Internet of Things environment
  • Autonomous prediction of air quality also for investigating the cause of asthma
  • Development of IoT supported RFID technology in security system
  • A new healthcare monitoring system integrated also with internet of things
Current topics in embedded system
  • Drowsy driver monitoring system and also alerting to safeguard passengers life
  • Internet of things based flood monitoring system and also warning with the assistance of GSM module
  • Smart wearable specs and walking stick also for visually impaired persons
  • RFID technology based toll collection system also for transportation application
  • Internet of things based water management system
  • Development of real–time RFID based also attendance management system
  • A low cost ZigBee technology supported also home automation system
  • Ambient assistant system using body sensors and also microcontroller
  • A traffic management system in an emerging internet also of vehicles environment
  • Development of a microcontroller based also floor cleaning robot

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