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Introduction about wind power simulation: If we create the simulation process for wind power, it has two components which are wind energy system and power system. Matlab Simulation Software has the capability of analyzing the stability in isolated diesel-wind turbine power systems. It always gives accurate interaction assessments for the turbines during the simulation. In this article, we see the wind power Matlab simulations, modules, classes, algorithms, applications, project ideas, and so on. Let’s separately discuss each and every topic. 

Benefits of Wind power Matlab Simulation

  • Nowadays, a huge number of wind turbines are used by electric providers to supply current to their clients.
  • A wind plant has more number of wind turbines placed too near to increase the scale level of the wind energy.

Research Issues of Wind Power 

  • Reducing carbon footprint
  • Powering cargo ships

Important factors that influence the performance of wind power 

  • Probability of density
  • Wind power 
  • Probability of incidence

The above three topics are the uses of wind power simulation. Using the Matlab platform is adding more benefits to this system. In the upcoming sections, we go through some modules, plugins, classes of wind power simulators and their purposes. Are you ready to get those points? Let’s go!

Modules and Utility 

  • Diesel Generator Module
    • In this synchronization generator, a field current controls the line voltage and diesel torque controls the frequency.
    • This engine produces the torque which must be suitable for synchronous generator and from the given result it will satisfy the power requirements and also it gives closed to requires the value of the system frequency.

Simulation Plugins and Functions 

  • CryENGINE 3Ds Max Plugin
    • The object file for 3D wind turbine is updated with 3Ds Max Plugin is used to exporter of CryENGINE and .dds, .cgf, and .mtl these plugins are used to read the CryENGINE.
    • Rotational speed and mobility to rotate the direction with coordinates like (x, y, z) is specified by the link the flow graph rotation function in CryENGINE architecture.

Simulation Classes for wind power Matlab Simulation

  • Connector class
    • In this class the connection between physical components to the Wind-defined interfaces.
    • These interfaces have the definition of connecting variables and then the falling of connector also having the same classes which already connected.

We hope that the above points are useful to know about the purpose of modules, classes, and plugins. Then it’s time to learn the requirements of wind power matlab simulation using Matlab. So the forthcoming bullet points are given by our expert for your understandings.

Prerequisites of Wind Power Simulation

  • Tool: Wind Integration National Dataset (WIND) Toolkit 
    • It contains some meteorological conditions in an instantaneous way with among to calculate turbine power and simulate the model output.
  • Programming languages: C-All versions higher to the 11
  • Supported Operating system: : Windows 10 (version 1803 or higher)
    • RAM Minimum: 4 GB
    • Processor Minimum: AMD x86-64 processor or any Intel
  • Version: R2017b MATLAB 9.3
  • Protocols: Digital communication protocol
    • These protocols work based on the RTDS and FAST combination for refining all real-time co-simulation.
    • The use of interface among the controller, FAST, and RTDS is digital communication protocols to gain convenience and flexibility.
    • It is also used as a platform of co-simulation for wind energy power system
  • Related subjects
    • Energy harvesting
    • Control of wind simulation and power conservation
    • Application of computational wind systems
  • Factors
    • Commanded yaw position
    • Wind speed
    • Electrical power

These aforesaid sections have the glance of requirements which is used in the wind Power Matlab simulation. Then the next section, we have to understand the subject-wise modules of wind power and syntax for wind power design. In this section, we will see about the module that is the shaft with the mechanical gear module. 

Modules for Wind Power simulation

           Here we will see about one of the block modules which is used for wind power simulation.

  • Shaft with mechanical gear
    • The wind turbine rotor is providing power. This power is transferred to the generator via the power train.

How does the wind power simulation work?

  • Initialize the wind turbine parameters for simulation 
  • Assign the range of size here the large commercial purpose of wind turbines having the power range until megawatt
  • Small levels of turbines are generating the power 100 kilowatt or less.
  • Build a design for Horizontal-axis in the simulation systems 
  • Then in the hub, attach the rotor with the blade. Next, apply the tree-blade concept for all the latest wind turbines
  • Stop the simulation process

The above bullet points are representing the step-by-step procedure for designing the wind power system. Our experts also know about all the simulation processes clearly and well experienced each tool which is used for the simulation process. From the upcoming section, we want to know some of the applications, algorithms, research areas, and advantages of the wind power matlab simulation. 

Applications of Wind Power 

  • Offshore wind power application
    • In this application, the installation process can be done between the wind forms and the body of the water it helps to generate the electricity.
    • Due to this installation wind turbines can act in powerful and more frequent winds and this has the minimum level of scenery in aesthetic impression compared with land-based plants.

Algorithms for Wind Power 

  • Multihop Routing algorithm
    • This protocol increases the span of wireless wind forms of a distributed network.
    • This protocol performs the selection of chain-based CH and develops the consumption of energy that’s why the lifetime of the network would be reduced.
    • These multihop routing protocols are used in the CPS based infrastructure networks.
  • The modified gravitational search algorithm
    • In a confidential power, this algorithm is useful for modeling the bidding strategy and influence of wind power.
    • Parameters are used to define heuristics tailored strategies and their effectiveness. Here some parameters are having a high precision level.

So far, we will learn some common things in wind power matlab simulation. Then we will move on to the In-depth knowledge about wind simulators like processing steps, an example application, and its execution, and some performance metrics also.  First, we want to discuss important process here we consider two processes there are PS-Simulink Converter and Solver Configuration. These are widely used processes in wind system simulation. 

Wind Power Simulation in Matlab

  • Solver Configuration: This process indicates the simulation of global environment information and also assigns the parameters for the solver. This process is mandatory when we start the simulation process.
  • PS-Simulink Converter: The main role of this component is to convert the physical signals into the Simulink output signal.

Second, considering one of the applications of wind power simulation is the hydraulic pitch system. Let us know the matlab simulation process of this system. Our experts are having full knowledge about every application and its execution steps also. So if you have any doubts then feel free to contact us. 

Steps in hydraulic pitch system

  • Hydratech industries wind power is also acting in the extreme speed of winds or freak weather conditions.
    • Control panel
    • Pitch cylinder
    • Pitch accumulator
    • Hydraulic pitch power pack
  • Update the pitch controls and evaluate it
    • Feedback on blade position
    • Control of the pitch angle
    • Fail-safe function
  • Run the simulation process
  • Result

Performance evaluation of wind energy simulation 

  • Quality of Experience (QoE)
  • Stability
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
    • Network reliability
    • First node death
    • Network lifetime and reliability

To summarize, we are implementing a novel project for wind simulations using Matlab. The following steps are providing the detailed step-by-step procedure of the projects. Then for your clear understanding, we also include the project screenshots in Matlab for wind turbine power simulation. Mainly, this project is developed by our experts for achieving minimize the net cost.

Wind Energy Research Topics  

  • This wind system model illustrates to give feedback for functions in the format of the digital signal.  
  • Then the construction of a sub-model for the simulation process in wind turbines.
  • Next, we build a Simulink model it is supported to the inverters which are in multiple load and hybrid battery banks.
  • Here hybrid battery bank is the combination of wind turbines and solar arrays.
  • Then we want to design the model for wind turbines.
  • At last, evaluate the simulation result with its performance metrics.
  • Net Present Cost- Iteration vs. Net Present Cost (%)
  • Battery Bank Energy – Iteration vs. Battery Bank Energy (kWh)
  • Forecasting Error – Iteration vs. Forecasting Error
  • LPSP – Iteration vs. LPSP

This is the entire information about the Wind Power Matlab simulation. We will have 15+ years of experience to develop projects related to this field. Our experts are very well knowledgeable about all the renewable power generation simulations and they are updating them every day with trending technologies. If you have more information from our institute kindly contact us.

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