Watermarking Matlab projects are developed for maintaining security in various applications. Watermarking is also known as hiding techniques which can be covering original information’s for secure transmission purposes. It can mark information with the help of low-level data. Hiding information into the digital media it comes under the process of watermarking. The information to be embedded with cover image the original image does not obliterated without knowing the cover image.

   Watermarking Matlab projects are implemented using Matlab simulation tool. Watermarking should make the copyright protection. This is the main purpose of watermarking and it was created for intellectual property which is in digital format. Using that the owner of the particular file preventing unusual activity performed by the intruders to their file. In watermarking concept we have to easily regain the right owner information without any manipulations.

    Generally, the watermarking concepts are embedded into some object it can be divide into two types. There are visible watermark and invisible watermark. The visible watermark do the process of watermarking is superimpose the primary image into a visible transparent image. In invisible watermarking method the duplicate copy can be apparent from the original.

Categories of Watermarking Matlab Projects

Watermarking Matlab projects are comes under the process of audio watermarking. In audio watermarking technique the amount of information can be hidden by the audio. Reason for choosing audio instead of image, audio can have less amount of size because it is dimensionless. For Audio Watermarking we have to use some methods as follows:

  • Phase Coding.
  • Spread Spectrum method.
  • Least Significant Bit Coding.
  • Replica Method.
  • Quantization Method.

  Echo hiding also comes under the process of audio watermarking.  In echo hiding method the process may be done in time domain. The amount of data can be embedding into the original audio this will initiate the echo.

Frequency Domain and Spatial Domain – Watermarking Matlab:    

The spatial domain and frequency domain can have the multimedia content. The multimedia content to be embeds into watermarks. The frequency domain watermarking should support several types of methods named as Discrete Fourier Transformation (DFT), Discrete Cosine Transformation (DCT), Fast Hadamard Transformation (FHT) and Discrete Wavelet Transformation (DWT).

    In Discrete Cosine Transformation the conversion process to be made on to the frequency domain. Signal to be converted into uncomplicated frequency components. In Discrete Wavelet Transformation the image to be decomposed by some kind of mathematical tool. Wavelet transformation made with its four sub bands of LL, HL, LH and HH. The singular value decomposition method is also one type of watermarking process it will used for more number of image processing applications for numeric analysis of linear algebra.