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Vehicular Ad Hoc Network (VANET) is a colossal collection of Vehicles and Road Side Units (RSU). Vanet Based Projects offers a broad range of research topics for scholars who are enthusiastic to do their research in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network.

This write-up mainly focuses on recent developments with various research perspectives in VANET!!!

What is VANET Communication?

Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) is envisioned to provide highly secure and speed wireless communication in V2V (Vehicle-to-Vehicle), V2I (Vehicle-to-Infrastructure) or hybrid. In this, it enables all vehicles within network to move freely on road and communicate with one another or with RSUs / Specific authorities. Below, we have specified major modes of communication followed in Vanet Based Projects.

Why is VANET Important?

As we all know, VANET is a part of Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET) with predefined routes (roads). It has an objective to establish communication in vehicular environment when needed. To achieve the goal, it typically depends on particular authorities for registration and management of Roadside units (RSUs) and On-Board units (OBUs). Therefore, Vehicles and RSUs are referred to as key players of VANET. All in all, they serve a great support in vehicular environment for communication activities.

  • RSUs  – Deployed on the road edges to offer specific services
  • OBUs – Installed in the vehicles navigation

VANET Communication Types

  • Vehicle to  Vehicle
  • Vehicle to Everything
  • Vehicle to Infrastructure

For instances, VANET communication can be used in the case of sharing safety, accident and traffic information among vehicles in minimum delay. At present, it also grows into a key component in intelligent transportation systems (ITS). Hence, Vanet based projects supports a wide range of real-time applications as well.

Where VANETs Works?
  • Under the Road Services
  • Over Electronic Brake Lights
  • On Traffic Signal Information


  • Signal Interference
  • Mobility Management
  • Message Dissemination
  • Network Density

For the most part, VANETs operate in various infrastructures as highway, rural, and city. In the case of highway, propagation model is typically considered to be free-space but there also a chance of signal interference due to the wall panels reflection around the roads. In the case of city, the interference occurs due to the varying vehicle density and presence of buildings, trees and other objects of obstacles. And, such obstacles cause following effects,

  • Shadowing
  • Multi-Path
  • Fading

If you want any information regarding the VANET Architectures, Algorithms and Protocols Design for research topics such as Data Dissemination, Processing and Aggregation, then contact us. VANET has so many issues in real-world implementation. Our technical professionals from VANET Paper Writing Guidance are currently doing deep research on formulating problem and solution using modern techniques. At this point, we have loads of research ideas to solve numerous VANET issues. To handpick up-to-date solution, we regularly improve our skills by referring latest research magazine, articles, published papers, journals, etc. For your awareness, we have bulleted few emerging vanet based projects in following research domains handpicked by our experts.

Research Areas in VANET

  • Cybersecurity
  • Vehicular Social Networks
  • Geographical Routing Protocols
  • V2X communication based Automated Driving
  • Medium Access Control Protocols
  • Extended Perception of V2X cooperation
  • Vehicular Communication using SDN/NFV
  • Privacy and Security in vehicular networks
  • VANET Active Safety using Routing protocols
  • Inter-vehicle communication based on IEEE 802.15.3 and IEEE 802.15.4
  • Heterogeneous Networks in VANET (ITS-G5, 3G/4G/5G, VLC, Satellite)

In addition to research and development, we also extend our service in paper writing. If you want appropriate paper writing support in VANET Simulation in Matlab, then we are ready to serve you for accomplishing your research goal.

As a point of reference, here we are going to discuss about results and discussion section in Vanet based projects. Since, it is more important which cover a large amount of scientific data. So it requires lots of plan and workout before starting this section. Our experts are very capable to present this section in a perfect and concise fashion. Generally, it can be either combined into one section or structured as distinct sections which depend on selected journal requirements. And, here our experts revealed some important factors that we are following to improve the excellence of result and discussion.

What must be included in the result and discussion section of Vanet based projects research paper?

  • Research findings discussion to underline the significance of research study
  • Increase readability and clarity by using appropriate subsections and subheadings
  • Provide results with figures and tables. And Highlight the important and interesting findings.
  • As well as, include positive results with potential paper limitations
  • Discuss the shortcoming of your research which makes up the great discussion section

With regard to VANET Based Projects, we are sure to take account of latest problems which next-generation smart cars may encounter and present solutions to those obstacles. And also, ensure to solve critical issues surrounding vehicular ad hoc network. Further if you want to know more electrifying challenges and their solutions in this very active VANET field, then please get in touch with us.

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