Steganography using Matlab provides more security for secret communications.To remove or disable the hidden message we could apply LSB methods of inserting data by compressing the image using lossy compression when compared t o the multimedia files the use of video based steganography is move adaptive due to its size and memory.

We must take ASCII value of each letter and changing those  ASCII  values to binary format to encode a message binary conversion.To repeat the loop many times we must set the counter value to the length of binary message.The rules that must be applied in steganography techniques are:

  • The integrity of hidden information must be correct once embedded in stego object.
  • Alterations in stego object must have no effect on water mask in watermarking.
  • Stego object should lay changed or unchanged to naked eye.

Benefits Of Steganography using Matlab Projects:



Video Error Correction.


Less Computation Time.


2015 IEEE Steganography using Matlab

Matlab is a programming environment, steganography using matlab projects are being done for and students and yearly update the titles from IEEE journals.Under image steganography scheme a secret message can be hidden in digital image and by applying embedded procedures we can get back the hidden message from the image.




Uses of LSB Techniques:

  • Randomization.
  • Least Significant Bit Insertion.
  • Grey Level approach with edge Detection.

Discrete wavelet Transform(DWT) a steganographic technique is implied to hide huge content of data and provide high security, good invisibility and regaining of secret message without any loss.

Two approaches used in Steganography using Matlab techniques are:

  • Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum.
  • Frequency hopping Spread Spectrum.

One of the modern technique used in telecommunication is direct sequence spread spectrum.To select a particular steganographic algorithm compression plays a vital role.

Small image file sizes increase the chance that the part of message is lost due to excess image data which will be removed in lossy compression technique.RGB color representation is changed to YUV representation to convert an image to JPEG format.

The above steganography using matlab projects are supported by our concern.