The  way of concealing one information inside another information without any doubt to others so that the information can be detected only by the recipient  is called steganography. Goal of Steganography in Matlab is to  hide the information within the computer files. In digital steganography ,electronic communications may accommodate stegnographic coding inside of a transport layer like image file,document file,program or protocol.

The goal of steganography is to communicate the secret information unknowing to the third party.The coverage media of modern communication system are applied on text,slack space and attractive medias like audio and video.

The following elements are used to hide the information

  • Cover media (C) which holds hidden data.
  • Secret message(M),eg.plain text or any type of data,cipher text.
  • Stego function (Fe) and its inverse (Fe-I).
  • Password or stego-key(K) may be applied to control or unconceal the information.


2015 IEEE Steganography in Matlab


Steganography in Matlab Projects

We make use of the above elements to implement projects of steganography in Matlab.

Capacity and security are two primary goals of steganography


It is the intrinsic property of the channel and the amount of information can be referred at this point which is transferred over the stego-channel.


High security layers are used to make not easy to break the hidden information and confuse stegnoalysis too.

A key is required in the embedding process with the help of key we can reduce the third party attackers to know about the stego-object and finds the concealed information.Main factor of information technology and communication is safety of information.To convert a stego image from spatial domain to frequency domain DCT is applied on stego-image using block size 8X8.



With the Huffman table of secret message/image the size of the encoded bit stream and the encoded bit stream of secret message/image also get retrieved.The main parameter to calculate the quality of reconstructed steganographic images is PSNR.The signal is the original image and error is some noise introduced by some algorithm. The energy spreading of the original signal should be much wider band and so the noise signal in a pseudorandom sequence of 1 and -1 values is used so that the frequency much higher than the original the steganography in matlab projects are done in the above way by our concern and this paper titles are update from the source SCI.

Steganography in Matlab Projects

Image processing is applied to avoid loss of information.Image processing has the following steganographic  process they are

  • Transform domain.
  • Generation.
  • Injection.
  • Substitution.
  • Streaming and real time.

The above listed Steganography in Matlab Project techniques are provided for all PG students by our firm.