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Introduction about solar system

In general, the solar systems are mainly used for generate the power form the sunlight through the solar panel. These solar panels are having more number of photovoltaic cells which mainly used in energy transmission process. Solar system simulator it will be produce the integrated view of anyone in the solar system and anywhere in space. The use of solar system is converting the sun radiation into the power generation.

“This article is designed for gaining your interest about the solar system and its simulator gives an idea of your research products”

Here, the main source for transferring energy is photovoltaic cells. It has more number of semiconducting materials in arranging a series manner. Let we move on to the article for more clearance.

Use of solar system simulator

  • Power supplies
  • Used for reflections
  • High-intensity light source to integrate the solar spectrum
  • Control electronics

These are the some uses of solar system simulator. We will hope the above points is helps you to understand the uses. Then the forth coming topic is important modulus and purpose of those modules. Let’s we start

Simulation Modules and purpose in solar system

  • PCC modules
    • Connection of sinks and all of the power sources are must be used in every simulation this is known as the PCC module.

The above mentioned modules are in the solar system simulator and these are the purpose of that module. In this upcoming section we will go through about plugins and purpose of these plugins in solar system simulator. Let’s we try to understand them quickly. This is illustrated to you, for the ease of your understanding. Shall we get in those plugins and its purpose? Let’s move on!

Solar simulation plugins and purpose

  • PVLib Python: This is an open source python tool that represents the functions for generating the photovoltaic energy from the solar panels. Based on the solar panel position, power generation level is different and also it assessed based on it.

So this is the plugin that is used in solar system simulators. . We hope you are getting the point. In fact, our experts are always focusing on the understanding of the students in the explained fields. Then we will move on to the next topic that is important classes and purpose of the classes. Let’s we start!

Important classes and purpose in solar simulation

  • DC-to AC Conversion
  • DC Power Generation
  • Radiation control

The following topic has the entire concept of basic requirements. Here we will see about tool, programming languages, supported OS, versions, protocols, related subjects and parameters of solar system simulator also. Let we move on for discuss the entire topic in separate manner.

Requirements of solar system simulator

  • Integrated tools: Solar Array Simulators
    • Using this tool the simulation of environmental conditions is easy.
    • It producing the accurate output to the satellite power system verification.
    • For the purpose of providing the satellite powers it has various solar cells.
  • Programming languages
    • Python 2.7
  • Supported OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (minimum 7.6)
    • Disk Minimum: 5-8 GB for typical installation, 3.3 GB of HDD space it’s for MATLAB only.
    • RAM recommended: 4GB per core recommended, 8GB for a poly space.
  • Version: R2018b (MATLAB 9.5)
  • Protocols: Cosmetics Europe (COLIPA) protocol
    • To against the intensity of wavelength and erythemal effects this protocol is used to calculate the transmittance within weighted UV spectrum and sunscreen sample.
    • It always completed in first stage of pre-irradiated UV absorbance samples.
  • Related Subjects
    • Photovoltaic sources modelling
    • Solar power finance 
    • Physics of solar cells
  • Parameters
    • Battery peak-power capability- 2kW
    • Peak household power demands- 3kW
    • Battery energy storage capacity- 10kWh
    • Peak solar power absorption- 2kW

In the above, we mentioned some of the important parameters of solar PV system. We can develop a project using the above mentioned parameters and also customized it based on the performance of the project requirements and the system model that designed.

Applications of solar system simulators

  • Solar Electricity
    • This is also said to be distributed photovoltaic system and this is installed in rooftops of the business or homes. Here it will send the producing energy to the owners and remaining will be send to the electric grid.

Algorithms of solar system simulator

  • Solar system Algorithm (SSA)
    • This is a new format of algorithm which is used in global optimization.
    • It is also useful to solving the engineering design problem
  • Routing protocol for space communication
    • SOSPF is used to classify the solar system into small regions each regions provides a traditional function for transmit the routing information via routing domain.
Areas of solar system simulator
  • Solar ventilation
    • It helps to maintain the cooling in summer season because of using HVAC. If you cannot install the PV system this method is very suitable for you. It saves your electricity of your entire home.
Advantages of Solar system simulator
  • Space Predictable Mobility
  • Maximum Stability Period
  • Propagation Delay

So far we will discuss about application, algorithms, areas and some advantages of solar system simulator. In this upcoming passage we will gain our ideas about what are the major process and major steps are followed in this simulator and also we have to know about some methods and routing protocols of solar system Simulator. Let’s we start!

Data analysis in solar simulator

  • After getting the simulation result then analysing of the result is mandatory. There is some order to analyse the result. The steps are,
    • Using RMSE(Root Mean Square Error) useful to guess the real data sets
    • Based on fittest line fine the closeness
    • How predict the data in the first line.

Solar Grid-Connected PV Array Syntax for simulator

  • To start the simulation process
  • 25-kV grid is connected with 100-kW PV through the DC-DC converter and VSC converter that means three levels, three phase voltage source converter.
  • Photovoltaic arrays are delivers the sun irradiance with the maximum level of 100kw at 1000W/m^2.
  • To increase the voltage using DC-DC boost voltage converter form photovoltaic natural value to the 500V DC
  • Then the VSC converting link voltage 500v DC to 260 V AC power factor
  • Stop the simulation process.

Functions of solar system simulator

  • QoE: DC/AC ratio
  • QoS
    • Angle location
    • Azimuth ratio
    • Power consumption

These are the some performance metrics used in this solar system simulator. Finally, in this upcoming section we are going to know about some recent project titles using this kind of simulator.

Project Topics based on solar system simulation

  • Selection of photovoltaic cells based on multi criteria decision making
  • Solar system is modelled for shortest path routing
  • To give a control for solar panels in solar system
  • To estimate the optimized route
  • Improve the level of produced energy

We hope this information is useful to get knowledge about your projects. We will also provide the practical explanations of your each and individual projects kindly make use of it. Our developers are well trained to construct the various kinds of simulator software’s based on MATLAB, Python and so on. For further more queries feel free to contact us.

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