Simulation Of Wireless communication Systems Using MATLAB

Simulation Of Wireless communication Systems Using MATLAB

With electromagnetic waves in open space one can transmit/receive voice and data in wireless communication.Wireless communication has one of the drawback that it is less trusted when compared to wired physical layer, not so protected from outside signals and of the main problem in wireless communications is multiuser interface with the help of wirelesss system satellite broadcast services are provided over the more area and it is important to fill the coverage gap among high density user locations.

GSM has three service domains they are

  • Telematic services
  • Bearer services
  • Supplementary services

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Wireless communication are classified into

  • Portable
  • Fixed
  • Mobile

Some of the added drawback of wireless communication system are

  • Effective use of finite radio spectrum.
  • Hardware support
  • Integrated services.

Most wireless LANS guides application that are not bandwidth-intensive and also single user can access the system at a time. The components of wireless network are PC card, PCI adapter, Router and Access point.

Simulation of wireless communication system using matlab include communication components, the wireless network interconnects there elements, sensor entities and finally the surrounding environment.


2015 IEEE Simulation Of Wireless communication Systems Using MATLAB


To use similar set of network graph that should have varying topology(grid, L-shape,T-shape, random) , scales (ten nodes up to thousand nodes) and node degrees(8 up to 26 neighbours per node).

For real time control systems true time is the matlab/simulink – based simulator. Using

Matlab simulation leach protocol is to be implemented.

The Key characteristics of leach are

  • Randomized rotation of “cluster heads” or “base stations” and the corresponding clusters
  • To reduce global communication local compression is done.
  • Control for cluster set-up and operation and localized co-ordination

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Radio spectrum

The approximate frequency of 10 kilohertz to 300,000 megahertz is used in wireless transmission through electromagnetic waves.

With the help of spread-spectrum or orthogonal frequency division multiplexer(OFDM) modulation technology wireless connection establish communication channel among device with in particular area.

In MATLAB multipath, fading channels are simulated. Radio waves generates from a transmitting antenna and it gets travel through free space which gets absorbed, reflected, diffracted and scattered.

MATLAB  provides a easy method which explains fading in wireless systems. various fading methods are built with the help of matlab. They are

  • Rician fading
  • Makagami-m Distribution
  • Rayleigh fading
  • Suzuki Distribution
  • Lognormal Distribution

Radio frequency data spread spectrum transmitted over the two-way radio communication, airwaves, same radio frequency for receiving and sending.