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Simple Raspberry Pi Projects is a complete guide present for students to complete their academic course successfully. Our team has handle students from highly standard Colleges / Universities and they have been benefitted by our Pi-Projects. Engineering is a professional study that is chosen by brilliant students and later their knowledge is technically grown. Students are the future inventors who are shape with programming skills and technological skills. Simple Projects suitable for students who are passionate to learn the areas of electronics, electrical, communication, robotics and also automation.

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Embedded Systems are the practical solutions that are develop on the basis of your theoretical analyses. However theoretical study gives you knowledge, it will be more interesting once you operate it practically. Further your theoretical knowledge helps to design a novel technology in hardware. Our team had detail study and experience in this field which assists to develop competitive Raspberry-Pi-projects. Students from different parts of the world have approach us and still we maintain a strong bond with students.

Simple Raspberry Pi Projects deals Raspberry-Pi board and other components that are connect to achieve the aim of the design. Raspberry Pi is similar to computer’s brain which is flexible to connect with other input / output devices. This Raspberry Pi acts as the base for the development of certain unbelievable devices. In Pi-Projects the mainly used kit add–on are sensors, display unit, motors, microcontrollers, switches, relay circuits, transducers, wireless modules, keypads and more. Here, we are concern to provide few information related to Projects in the following,

Two Different Raspberry Pi

  • Model A
  • Model B

Raspberry Pi Supported Applications

  • Development of media server
  • Educational infrastructure
  • As a personal computer
  • Internet browsing
  • Automatic alert system
  • Cyber security

Projects heartily invites students to expand student’s knowledge and skills. Our genuineness has served 10000+ projects and it assists students to get placed in a best career platform. In this team will discussing student’s project goal and we never go beyond your scope of the project. We will periodically updating with new inventions in this field and hence we assure you that we provide only unique projects with original results.

On this completion note, we are presenting latest project topics from Simple-Raspberry-Pi-Projects,
  • An assistant for vehicle driver is develop also using Raspberry Pi to avoid driver sleep during driving
  • Tracking of a vehicle using Raspberry also with Global Positioning System
  • Interfacing Internet of Things with Raspberry Pi to detection mobility of the user
  • An automatic traffic control system that also uses Raspberry Pi with ZigBee module
  • An advance environmental monitoring application developed with sensor networks using Raspberry Pi and also ZigBee technology
  • Novel healthcare system assist with e-Health sensors also using Raspberry Pi and ZigBee technology for faster communication
  • Raspberry Pi based robot designed and control by also using Global System for Mobile communication system
  • Using biometric for the purpose of security is developed also with Raspberry Pi board with Internet of Things
  • Transmitting H.264 video in a system designed also using IoT based Raspberry Pi
  • A home automation system in an IoT also with Raspberry Pi environment
  • A moisture monitored autonomous irrigation system also in Raspberry Pi with Sensor networks
  • Development of smart home environment also with Raspberry Pi
  • An autonomous gate sensing system developed also using Raspberry Pi board
  • Measuring distance of an object using ultrasonic sensor also with Raspberry Pi
  • Raspberry Pi for the design of alarm clock and also used in daily day
  • Construction of Light Emitting Diode cube also using Raspberry Pi
  • A new system used in offices is visitor monitoring designed also with the assistance of Raspberry Pi
  • Using Ultrasonic sensor in Raspberry Pi also for developing an obstacle avoiding robot
  • A comforted system to control lights through voice is also designed with the board Raspberry Pi
  • A secure internet connection by creating Virtual Private Network router also using Raspberry Pi board

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