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Safety Auto Brake System for Hill Station Vehicle using MEMS Sensor is an embedded system model constructed to ensure guaranteed safeness. Inclined roadways on hill station make the driving difficult and risky. Due to such twist and turns in the hilly roads, there are more chances of the vehicle to skid. To assist protection while travelling, a novel Safety Auto Brake System for Hill Station Vehicle using MEMS Sensor is proposed.

This system is built by measuring the slope of vehicle with MEMS sensor based on which the speed is control.

MEMS sensor stands for Micro–ElectroMechanical System that is equip with mechanical components and being used over different applications.

The main aim of development of this system is to comfort uphill vehicle drivers with autonomous brake controls which do not allow the vehicle to move backward in reverse direction.

This automatic brake on vehicles is apply when the vehicle is moving towards thee hill in upward direction. The MEMS sensor uses triple–axis accelerometer for sensing.

Major hardware components used in the design of safety auto brake system are given below,
  • Microcontroller
  • MEMS Sensor
  • Transformer
  • Driver Circuit
  • Motors
  • LCD Unit
  • Power Supply

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