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Research Proposal for Information Technology that reflects on current trends with latest methodologies are well guided by us. Just share with us all your ideas we will come up with best solution for your research work. In the motive of assisting, you in representing how you can organize your research proposal, we provide this instance that significantly reflects on academic research topic:


Enhancing Data Security in Cloud Computing Environments through Advanced Encryption Techniques


  • Background: Regarding the present digital landscape, make a brief presentation of cloud computing relevance. To secure against vulnerabilities and attacks from hackers, highlight the significant requirement of data security.
  • Problem Statement: The data security is still considered as a major problem, even though in acquiring the benefits of cloud computing. To resist the complicated cyber-attacks, encryption methods need to be progressed.
  • Research Questions:
  1. What are the recent threats in cloud computing data security?
  2. How can enhanced encryption techniques improve data security in cloud environments?
  3. What are the consequences of executing these methods on data transparency and cloud computing performance?


  • In cloud computing, the existing condition of data security should be evaluated.
  • The modernized encryption techniques are explored for execution by means of advancing the data security in the cloud.
  • Without impairing the performance of a system, assess the capability of encryption methods in improving the data protection.

Literature Review

Among cloud computing research, outline the main result from current literature on data security. This review emphasizes the recent encryption techniques, recognized threats and their constraints. In the modern literature and performances, this segment crucially determines the base for the study through presenting the gaps.


  • Research Design: The research methods should be outlined here. It may be qualitative, quantitative or mixed-methods. In addition to that, clarify the applicability of research methods for the research.
  • Data Collection: For data collection process, explain the methods which are involved like reviews, simulations, empiricals and discussions. The sources of data required to be addressed like security logs, qualitative interviews and cloud computing technologies.
  • Data Analysis: To evaluate the gathered data, describe the techniques in a brief manner, which involves algorithmic experiments, thematic analyses and statistical analysis. For estimating the capability of enhanced encryption methods, this data analysis process is very beneficial.

Anticipated Results

The predictable results should be addressed which includes in detecting the most productive encryption methods for cloud computing and their expected implications on data security and system performance. Especially in the process of improving the cloud data security, emphasize the result in what way it dedicates to the domain of IT (Informational Technology).

Importance of the Research

For diverse investors like IT experts, academic environment and firms which are utilizing cloud services, describe the relevance of the study. Discuss the study, in what way it generates more protected cloud computing frameworks and affects the research process and industrial procedures.

Time Frame

Regarding the research project, offer an exact schedule by assigning a timeline that divides the tasks into feasible segments like literature review, data collection, data analysis, writing, and distribution of result.


Justify the research by incorporating an initial list of educational articles, magazines and books.

What is the research methodology in information systems?

To the domain of IS (Information Systems), the methodological system offers solutions to research issues through data collection, analysis process and exhibit the result to dedicate novel perceptions or interpretations. In terms of the interdisciplinary nature of IS which combines business, social sciences and technologies, the utilization of research methodologies might be completely different and considering the approaches from these essential domains:

Types of Research Methodologies in Information Systems

  1. Quantitative Methods

To detect the models, verify the hypotheses or test theories, the quantitative studies in IS (Information Systems) encompasses the accumulation and evaluation of computational data. By means of estimating the correlation between variables, it mostly depends on arithmetical procedures. For the data collection process, it basically employs techniques like data mining, analysis and formal interviews. The main purpose of this quantitative method is generating the results for a wider audience which must be interpretable.

  1. Qualitative Methods

The essence of the IS (Information Systems) event is mainly concentrated by these qualitative studies and it typically involves investigating how and why specific results had appeared. The aspects of experimental subjects, experiences and meanings are highlighted in this research. Ethnographic studies, course works, conferences and special teams are the general qualitative techniques incorporated in this study. It offers intense perceptions within the subject, as these solutions are often beneficial and contain extensive explanations or theories.

  1. Mixed Methods

The integration of quantitative and qualitative methods in particular research is considered as the mixed methods, which utilize the capacities of both. In order to improve the scope and extent of interpretation and analyzing the research question from different points of view, this method is very valuable for explorers. The progressive use of qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis or similar might be encompassed in this.

  1. Experimental Research

In a managed application, the experimental research in IS (Information Systems) examines the cause-effect relations among variables. The processing of one independent variable to another dependent variable is included in this study to establish their specific capacity. In laboratory applications like lab examinations or in natural applications like field experiences, these experiments might be carried out.

  1. Action Research

The action research is a kind of collaborative approach. In the process of dedicating concurrently to the educational literature, this action research mainly intends to solve a certain issue. A sequential process of organizing, indicating, performing, accompanying with the objective of attaining both realistic findings and conceptual perceptions are incorporated in this action research. As the domain highlights the implemented technology, this action research is especially suitable for IS (Information Systems) to address the practical issuers.

  1. Design Science

For addressing the detected managerial issues, this design science research focused on developing and analyzing the IT developments like systems, techniques and patterns. Through the development process, this research highlights novel insights which are dedicated to the concept as well as efforts of IS (Information Systems).

  1. Case Study Research

Among the practical applications, the case study research encircles an extensive investigation of a few quantities of examples like processes, firms and systems or particular samples. For analyzing complicated events like the constraints among the situations and environment are not absolutely clear, this research is specifically beneficial.

Selecting a Methodology

Based on the research question, key goals, the explorers existential stability and the essence of the events which you examined, choose relevant research methods in IS (Information Systems). Mostly, the selection of efficient and suitable methods indicates the extensive interpretation, real-world applications and portability, because each method contains its own capacity and constraints.

Relevance of  Research Methodology in IS

For verifying the accuracy, authenticity and validity, a suitable and proper research methodology is very essential in IS systems. It supports the reliability of the research contributions to IS theory and practice and also serves as a guide for the research process.

Research Proposal Ideas for Information Technology

Information Technology Research Proposal Writing Services

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  3. Internet of Things as tool for cognitive process in Computer Science study program
  4. Project-Based Learning in a Machine Learning Course with Differentiated Industrial Projects for Various Computer Science Master Programs
  5. The interface between computer science and the mathematical sciences
  6. Prediction analysis of student dropout in a Computer Science course using Educational Data Mining
  7. A conceptual and pedagogical framework for teaching ethics and social impact in computer science
  8. M-learning project and M-EANor: Two teaching projects from the Degree in Computer Science and Engineering
  9. Experiences in threading UML throughout a computer science program
  10. Teaching real-time concepts in an undergraduate computer science program
  11. Scaffolding Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) in Computer Science Education through Learning Activity Creation
  12. Focusing high school teachers on attracting diverse students to computer science and engineering
  13. Introducing computer science fundamentals before programming
  14. Incorporating software quality assurance in computer science education: an experiment
  15. Learning style and factors contributing to success in an introductory computer science course
  16. Development and validation of a computer science self-efficacy scale for CS0 courses and the group analysis of CS0 student self-efficacy
  17. Good-Bye Localhost: A Cloud-Based Web IDE for Teaching Java EE Web Development to Non-Computer Science Majors
  18. Some thoughts of top-level design for specialty program of computer science and technology
  19. Overcoming the Challenges of Teaching Cybersecurity in UK Computer Science Degree Programmes
  20. An Internet mediated PhD programme in computer science and information technology

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