Real-Time Monitoring and Control for Greenhouses Based on Wireless Sensor Network

Real-Time Monitoring and Control for Greenhouses based on Wireless Sensor Network is presented for “increasing the quality of cultivation”. It is essential to enhance the growth of crops for higher yield.

Greenhouses play a vital role in agriculture which is equip to measure significant factors as temperature, soil moisture, water level, water quality, humidity and light intensity.

This greenhouse assures with the growth of healthy plants that especially improves production. A Real-Time Monitoring and Control for Greenhouses based on Wireless Sensor Network is model as a complete setup using embedded system that links to necessary hardware elements.

List of Electronic Devices for Developing Greenhouse Environment

1.Number of Sensors
  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Light sensor
  • Soil moisture sensor
2.Number of Relays
  • Fan control
  • Bulb control
3.Set of DC motor
4.Arduino microcontroller
5.ZigBee Modules
6.Liquid Crystal Display (16×2)

Massive Support for Agriculturalists from Greenhouse

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