Projects on Image Processing


Projects on Image Processing will mainly useful for research scholars, under and post graduates students.  Most of the research scholars choose their area of image processing and develop a manuscript with some new advancement of their objective. Generally, the components of image processing are computer, mass storage, specialize image processing hardware, software and image sensors.

Projects on image processing concepts greatly intended for students of all departments like computer science, information technology, electronics and communication, electrical and electronics. The image processing concepts growing enormous amount of level in today’s world.

In digital image the image processing operations are applied to convert the input image into output image. Totally, three types of characterization. There are points, global and local. In point output value is depend on the same coordinate, in local output value is depend on the neighborhood of the same coordinate, in global the output vale is depend on the all values in the input image.

Image processing based projects are using different areas of images as input. The input images like medical images, shapes images, general images, nature images, SAR images, ASTER images, Underwater Sea images and Fire and lighting images. These images are processed in different manner for different purposes.

Projects on image processing may be done with the help of matlab simulation tools. Matlab tool have matlab toolboxes for analyzing and implementing several methods, algorithms and techniques etc., for reading and expressing an image location use pixel coordinates and spatial coordinates. Types of images should be processes in matlab are binary image, grayscale image, indexed images and true color images.

Easily access the controls in the toolbox use the Graphical User Interface (GUI) components. Using those modular tools we have to associate modular tools with particular image, positioning the modular tools in a GUI, adding navigation aids to the GUI, build pixel information, build a image compression tools for customizing the modular tool interactivity.

The image processing toolbox should include the operations of morphological segmentation. The operations are dilation, erosion, opening and closing. Using matlab toolbox we have to eliminate the noise in the original images. Types of noises are salt and pepper, impulse and Gaussian. For noise removal process use some filtering techniques. Some of the mostly used filtering techniques are:

  • Spatial Filtering
  • Median Filtering
  • Component Median Filtering
  • Vector Median Filtering
  • Spatial median Filtering
  • Mean Filtering
  • Weiner Filtering
  • Linear Filtering
  • Non-Linear Filtering