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Optimizing Irrigation Scheduling through Networked Sensors is an agriculture supporting project concept. Agriculture is a well-known sector that yields food for surviving every living beings life. Growing up a particular food crop undergoes several processes in which irrigation is one of the major process handled by farmers. Based on the available water resources, the proper irrigation tends to increase healthier crop production. Here is a design of an optimized irrigation based on wireless sensor network. Every farmer should monitor the field continuously, since a dry land leads to death of crops.

The advanced technologies are being involve into the agricultural sector for assisting crop growth.

The object of this Optimizing Irrigation Scheduling through Networked Sensors project is to perform autonomous irrigation by monitoring the significant environmental measurements. We deploy a number of sensors in the farming field to determine parameters relate to weather and soil conditions. In accordance to the soil state, the irrigation decision is taken and the decision is control.

The hardware components used for designing an optimize irrigation system in agricultural sector is given as follows,
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Moisture Sensor
  • Humidity Sensor
  • LCD Unit
  • GSM Module
  • Power supply

Optimizing Irrigation Scheduling through Networked Sensors

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