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Mininet facilitates users to examine novel protocols or software-defined networking (SDN) applications, simulate different network situations, and test with network topologies and arrangements.

Encompassing progressive networking theories like network function virtualization (NFV), performance testing, and SDN, the projects employ Mininet that can range from basic network setups for academic usage to complicated study experimentations. The following are some of the project ideas that make use of Mininet:

  1. SDN Controller Performance Evaluation
  • Goal: The performance metrics like latency, throughput of various SDN controllers such as ONOS, Ryu, OpenDaylight under different network situations has to be contrasted in an efficient manner.
  • Technique: To simulate a network topology and incorporate it with various SDN controllers, aim to utilize Mininet. Typically, it is better to assess and examine the performance metrics under controller settings.
  1. Network Topology Simulation and Analysis
  • Goal: It is approachable to explore the influence of various network topologies like mesh, ring, bus, on network performance metrics such as packet loss, throughput, and latency.
  • Technique: By employing Mininet, develop various network topologies. To simulate congestion and examine the effectiveness of a network, focus on executing a collection of experiments.
  1. Quality of Service (QoS) in SDN Networks
  • Goal: To prefer kinds of congestion, deploy and assess the strategies of QoS in an SDN network.
  • Technique: Mainly, to arrange an SDN network employ Mininet. Aim to implement QoS policies by utilizing an SDN controller. By producing various kinds of congestion and assessing their effectiveness, examine the performance of these policies.
  1. Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Experimentation
  • Goal: The main aim of this project is to exhibit the implementation and scaling of virtual network functions (VNFs) within a network.
  • Technique: It is appreciable to simulate a network in Mininet where VNFs such as load balancers, firewalls, can be dynamically implemented and scaled. Generally, the reaction of the network to differing situations and loads has to be examined.
  1. Fault Tolerance and Recovery Mechanisms
  • Goal: Aim to research the performance of various fault tolerance and recovery technologies in a network.
  • Technique: To simulate network situations with single or numerous points of faults, utilize Mininet. It is appreciable to deploy and examine different recovery policies in order to assess their retrieval time and influence on the effectiveness of the network.
  1. Network Security Experiments
  • Goals: Focus on investigating network safety theories like distributed denial-of-service attack reduction or intrusion detection systems (IDS).
  • Techniques: In a controlled Mininet platform, aim to simulate assaults. To identify or reduce these assaults, it is beneficial to deploy safety approaches.

How to simulate an SDN controller using MININET simulator?

By employing Mininet simulator, the process of simulating Software-Defined Networking (SDN) controllers encompasses establishing a virtual network platform where the SDN controller has the capability to handle network devices like routers and switches technically. As Mininet assists in incorporation with numerous SDN controllers, it is helpful for SDN experiments, thereby permitting for a multi-faceted advancement and examining platform. We provide a common instruction that help you to begin with simulating SDN controllers by utilizing Mininet:

Step 1: Install Mininet

Initially, it is advisable to make sure that the Mininet is installed on your system. In many Linux disseminations and on virtual machines or containers that execute Linux, Mininet can be installed. Generally, the Mininet can be installed through a simpler way by employing the installation script that is offered by Mininet. This installs the Mininet together with numerous helpful personalization and tools:

git clone git://github.com/mininet/mininet

mininet/util/install.sh –a

Step 2: Choose an SDN Controller

Typically, which SDN controller you need to utilize has to be determined. Floodlight, ONOS, OpenDaylight, Ryu are the most prominent selections of SDN controllers. It is approachable to assure that the SDN controller is installed and arranged on your system or available in such a manner that Mininet can communicate with it. Easy-to-install packages or containers are provided by most of the controllers.

Step 3: Create a Mininet Topology Script

By means of utilizing the interactive command line of Mininet or by writing a Python script, you can decide your network topology. Based on developing a basic network with one switch and two host handled by a remote SDN controller like Ryu, the following is a simple instance of a Python script:

from mininet.net import Mininet

from mininet.node import Controller, OVSKernelSwitch, RemoteController

from mininet.cli import CLI

from mininet.log import setLogLevel

def simpleTopology():

net = Mininet(controller=RemoteController, switch=OVSKernelSwitch)

# Add a controller

c0 = net.addController(‘c0′, controller=RemoteController, ip=’’, port=6633)

# Add two hosts

h1 = net.addHost(‘h1′, ip=’’)

h2 = net.addHost(‘h2′, ip=’’)

# Add a switch

s1 = net.addSwitch(‘s1’)

# Create links

net.addLink(h1, s1)

net.addLink(h2, s1)

# Start the network




if __name__ == ‘__main__’:



Through this script, a basic network topology can be created and integrated into a remote SDN controller that is executing on the localhost ( at the default OpenFlow port (6633).

Step 4: Run Your SDN Controller

Always ensure that your selected SDN controller is functioning, before executing the Mininet script. Pay attention to the connections on the suitable IP address and port, and arrange the SDN controller. For instance, when utilizing Ryu:

ryu-manager ryu.app.simple_switch

The above specified command initiates the Ryu controller along with a basic switch application that is considered as a learning switch.

Step 5: Execute the Mininet Script

It is significant to execute your Mininet topology script with Python:

sudo python simple_topology.py

You can employ CLI of the Mininet to communicate with the network as soon as the network begins. To examine the functioning of an SDN controller, you can carry out different commands like ping among hosts.

Step 6: Experiment and Develop

In this step, you are allowed to test with various topologies, SDN applications, and network arrangements. To investigate the abilities of SDN controllers and Mininet, attempt to construct custom SDN applications or simulate more complicated network settings.

Mininet Projects and Thesis Topics

MININET Project Topics & Ideas

Dive into the world of Mininet Projects and experience a truly authentic network environment tailored for the expanding field of Software Defined Networking. Our team constantly updates all the latest developments in Mininet Projects to enrich your research with cutting-edge ideas and concepts.

  1. Hybrid GNS3 and Mininet-WiFi Emulator for SDN Backbone Network Supporting Wireless IoT Traffic
  2. Performance Analysis of Mininet-based Testbed for Software Defined Network with P4 Programmable Data Plane
  3. Simulation Framework for 6LoWPAN Networks Using Mininet-WiFi
  4. Performance Evaluation of Various Topological Software Defined Networks Using Mininet Simulator and Pox Controller
  5. Development of Control-Plane Switch Migration Testbed Using Mininet-WiFi for Software-Defined Vehicular Network
  6. Design and Implementation of DDoS Attack and Defense Simulation Subsystem Based on Mininet
  7. AI based DDOS Attack Detection of SDN Network in Mininet Emulator
  8. Development of Modules for Multiple Paths Finding for Software-Defined Network in MiniNet
  9. Demonstration of Packet-Optical Intent-Based Survivability Using Mininet-Optical
  10. Increase in TCP Throughput using Shortest Path Routing Algorithm in Mininet
  11. Study on Networking Models of SDN using Mininet and MiniEdit
  12. SDN implementation based on Mininet to support Synchrophasor Measurement Systems for Smart Grid Management
  13. MINIWAN: A New Framework For Simulating Multi-Segment Network Topology Based On Mininet
  14. C3-Edge – An Automated Mininet-Compatible SDN Testbed on Raspberry Pis and Nvidia Jetsons
  15. 6LoWPAN Performance Analysis of IoT Software-Defined-Network-Based Using Mininet-Io
  16. Containerchain: A Blockchain System Emulator based on Mininet and Containers
  17. Real-Time QoT Estimation Through SDN Control Plane Monitoring Evaluated in Mininet-Optical
  18. Building a Mininet-based Fiber Optic Simulator
  19. Evaluation of Extended NTMobile System Running on vCPE with Mininet
  20. Ns3 and Mininet Codes to Investigate Complete 5G Networks

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