Matlab DSP Projects


The task that deals with the measurement of signal properties is called signal analysis. This operation is commonly a frequency domain operation. The digital signal is used for developing its performance in several applications.

  • Speaker verification
  • Speech recognition
  • Spectrum (frequency and /or phase) analysis
  • Target detection.

Signal-in signal-out situation is used to characterize the signal filtering task. Filters commonly perform this task. The application which uses this filter for performing the below process are listed below

  • Separation of frequency bands
  • Removal of interference
  • Removal of unwanted background noise
  • Shaping of the signal spectrum.

MATLAB DSP projects which uses the above filter for the listed process are done and supported for all academic B.E/B.Tech students by our concern.

Certain applications like voice synthesis, the characteristics of the signal are analyzed and then the digital filtering is done to create synthetic voice.

In scientific and engineering numeric computation and visualization matlab is the interactive matrix-based system. The difficult numerical problems can be solved in a second and easily which became strength of matlab.

MATLAB act as a fourth generation programming language and is a multi-paradigm numerical computing environment. Mathworks created MATLAB and MATLAB allows the following matrix calculations

  • Implementation of algorithms
  • Creation of user interfaces
  • Plotting of functions
  • Interface for programs written in other languages like C, C++, Java, Python and Fortran
  • Creation of user interfaces

MATLAB DSP projects which allows the above matrix calculations are done and supported by our concern and the paper title is updated regularly from the IEEE journal.

MATLAB is basically used for numerical calculations although a toolbox MUPAD symbolic engine which allow us to do symbolic computations. Model-based design for dynamic and embedded systems and graphical multi-domain simulation are added as the additional package uses are listed below,

  • MATLAB is easily expandable to generate new functions and commands.
  • MATLAB is used in many number of calculating environments.
  • It is comparatively simple programming capability.

To generate special matrices MATLAB provides number of helpful functions. The functions includes ones (M, N) for generating matrix of all zeros, eye (N) for creating NXN identity matrix, etc. MATLAB manual is used for entire list. The selected program is beginning with the image since it is application data and simulating reverberation from the environment.

MATLAB DSP projects are done and guided by our firm. The DSP field has developed notably certain decades and now it became important field for many applications and products. The applications are listed below

  • Image / Video
  • Military / Space
  • Biomedical / Healthcare
  • Consumer electronics
  • Speech / Audio

The above listed application needs many interconnected difficult steps like transmission, collection, analysis, audio / display of real-world information in near real-time.