Matlab Based Electrical Projects

Matlab Based Electrical Projects

 Power diode takes countable amount of time to convert from reverse bias to forward bias condition and vice versa. With the benefits of MOSFET,IGBT in a voltage controlled four-layer device. Short pulse of gate current is used to turn on the GTO power switching device and reverse gate pulse is used to turn off the device.

The algebraic loops are used to solve the Matlab simulation. Usage of simulation in converters has following benefits .There are

  • The simulation speed in quicker when compared to PSPICE.
  • Many tools available that are used in Matlab environment to plan and optimize the process of closed-loop and open-loop PWM in vector system.

Matlab based electrical projects are simulated with the help of above benefits. For the simulation of the inputs the machine does the mathematical representation of time sequence of events programming like discharging the loads or sudden application, ramping of the magnitude and the changes in parameter values or frequency of the applied voltages. MATLAB based electrical projects are supported by our concern.

Three different types of current ratings are given by a power diode. They are

  • m.s current
  • Peak current
  • Average current

Some elementary classes of semi-conductor devices are transistors, thyrisors and diodes.


                The output characteristic which has three separate operation regions and explains the operation of bipolar junction transistor (BJT).


“Anode”,”Cathode” and “Gate” are two three terminal devices labeled in thyristor and it contains three PN junctions which can be switched “OFF” and “ON” at a faster rate. To give certain amount of power to load if can be switched “ON” for reversal amount of time.


                It  is used in various applications like battery charging and DC power supplies and are AC rectifiers and inverters since the power diodes gives uncontrolled rectification of power .MATLAB based electrical projects which uses above devices  are done and guide by our concern for all PhD scholars and the paper title is updated regularly from ISI journal.

The following steps are done to process to import a MATLAB model into saber model.

  • Use the Matlab code generator to produce a C language program.
  • Compile the c program into a dynamically linked library (DLL) file.
  • Design the controller using MATLAB.

The factors which became challenge for power electronics are

  • Time constants within the system may differ by reversal order of magnitude
  • A lack of models
  • Extreme non-linearity presented by switches.