Major Projects in Electronics and Communication

   Major Projects in Electronics and Communication are offer for the students of Engineering those are interest in wireless communication, electronic devices, antenna designs, digital mobile data transmission, satellite communication, signals and smart systems. The field of electronics and communication is one of the demanding area in Engineering that presents a variety of areas for research. Beside the field of electronics and communication there are many historical stories for the introduction of devices for sharing information. Students learn basics of electronics from their academic syllabus and even their practical knowledge is also improved.

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   Wireless communication completely deals with the signals for transferring data from one device to another. Wireless communication is widely used for long distance communication that is upto thousands of kilometers using radio frequency. The significant benefit of wireless communication is that it operates without the support of a larger physical infrastructure and also the cost is less due to the minimum maintenance. To perform wireless communication, the technologies like Bluetooth, ZigBee, Wi-Fi are used.

Each technology is overriding the other, but they are been used in different applications.

Wireless communication is enable to adapt with all the emerging technologies and ensure effective communication for customers. The four major signals used for communication in embedded systems are list below,

Significant types of data transmission

  • Radio frequency transmission
  • Infrared transmission
  • Microwave transmission
  • Light-wave transmission

   The above mentioned four categories of signal types are vary in accordance to their ranges of wavelength and frequency.

A few concepts that uses any of the signals for data transmission is list in the following,
  • Automatic meter reading system
  • Vehicle alarming system
  • Robotic vehicle controlled using remote
  • Security system at home environment
  • Smart traffic lighting system
  • Solar position tracking system
  • Autonomous railway crossing system
  • Smart plant watering system
  • Biometric based security

   Our team is passionate towards the field of electronics and communication, who are updating the ongoing developments in this field. Major Projects in Electronics and Communication is presenting out all the recent trending topics for students which can efficiently develop on embedded systems. We have an experience team to deliver your project promptly that satisfies all your requirements.

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 Let us guide students with more Projects in Electronics and Communication from which your interest idea can select,  

  • A new home automation system develop also using sensors and microcontroller and they are controlled using mobile devices
  • An advanced autonomous parking system also for efficient vehicle parking to find available lots
  • Using ZigBee based communication also for home energy management system for efficient management of energy
  • An autonomous irrigation system also by measuring the moisture content present in the soil
  • Development of a line following robot also for industrial applications using microcontroller
  • An intelligent bomb diffusing robot design also for supporting military applications by minimizing number of soldiers
  • An advanced distribution transformer monitoring system also that identifies abnormality using temperature sensor
  • An intelligent electronic voting machine uses fingerprint also for the purpose of security
  • Novel idea of developing a Infrared based communication also by linking two microcontrollers and perform communication
  • A Global System for Mobile communication design also for measuring power meter readings
  • An autonomous system design also for monitoring the oil temperature in multiple transformers
  • A vehicle tracking system using GSM and also GPS technology along with the fuel level indication through SMS
  • Development of anti collision system also on railway environment using embedded system
  • Designing a pick and place robot that is control also by wireless technology
  • A robotic design develop to detect the leakage of LP gases and also intimate via Smart Message Service
  • A video surveillance system develop also using raspberry Pi Processor and controlled with a smart phone
  • An emerging light fidelity also for performing data transmission within the specified distance measurement
  • Designing the concept of renewable energy over the smart building environment also using microcontroller
  • Using robots also for seed sowing over the agricultural field
  • Development of barcode decoder design also based on microcontroller for the purpose of security