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IoT-based Environmental Monitoring System is designed to analyze the adverse consequences that happened in the environment and generate corresponding awareness from the upcoming energetic young graduates.

Internet of Things (IoT)

A complete kit is modeled to monitor environmental variations and it is integrated with Internet of Things (IoT) for global accessing of users via internet. Arduino is a microcontroller having the benefits of low cost and minimum power, which is present to aggregate the sensor data and transmit towards IoT devices via Wi-Fi module.

Major Hardware devices Used

  • Input Components
    • -Temperature sensor – LM 35
    • -Humidity sensor – ESP 8266
    • -Arduino UNO microcontroller
    • -Power supply
  • Communication Interfaces
    • -Wired USB Connectors
    • -Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) module
  • Output Components
    • -IoT device – smart phone
    • -LCD (Optional)

Major Software Used

  • Arduino IDE

We would like to list with the recent innovative projects handled by our team under the model of IoT-based Environmental Monitoring System,

Let’s we discuss some of our recent titles
  • Analysis of developed Environmental monitoring System also on different locations
  • Smart monitoring to assist farmers also for minimizing the level of greenhouse gases using environmental monitoring system
  • Arduino and also Cayenne based environmental monitoring system over Internet of Things
  • Measurement of environmental conditions over a particular campus using Wireless sensor Network and also Arduino
  • Arduino UNO is used also for modeling an efficient design of periodical moisture monitoring system
  • Weather conditions as temperature and also humidity are monitored using Arduino UNO platform
  • Global System for Mobile Communication also for alerting the environment based on the environmental changes
  • ESP 8266 sensor in environmental monitoring system integrated with Internet of Things also using Wi-Fi modem
  • Robot based environmental monitoring system also in different areas
  • Monitoring of industries weather conditions also to avoid unnecessary damage
  • Instant SMS alert message over a combination of wired and also wireless framework
  • Identification of the effects of global warming also using IoT-based Environmental Monitoring System
  • Measurement of heat conditions also over the location of deployed solar cells
Iot-based Environmental Projects
  • Wireless Sensor Networks deployed on Urban Areas also for monitoring environmental weather status
  • An economical pollution monitoring system also based on Internet of Things
  • A monitoring system for indoor environment also using Internet of Things environment
  • Using Arduino for designing a greenhouse environment and also alerting emergency via Global System modem
  • A smart environmental monitoring system designed also using wireless sensor network with Internet of Things
  • Monitoring wastage exhausted over the environment also using IoT with Arduino
  • Pollution and humidity monitoring using advanced sensors also for accurate sensing reports
  • A public environmental monitoring system also to create safety aware future generations
  • Remote environmental weather monitoring also using significant sensors
  • Natural hazardous alert system to protect living beings also using Internet of Things environment
  • Environmental Monitoring System also using IoT over Agricultural environment
  • Monitoring of indoor air quality to generate countermeasures also for minimizing pollution if any present
  • Internet of Things enabled monitoring systems also using low cost sensor devices
Newfangled tiles in Internet of Things
  • Prompt data delivery and also alarm system on IoT assisted Environmental Monitoring system
  • IoT based Secure environmental monitoring system also with ubiquitous connectivity
  • Using GSM interface for ubiquitous connectivity and also Android based smart phone for alarming drastic variations in the environment
  • Evaluating the amount of smoke exhausted in a particular area also using IoT environment
  • Sensors and IoT combined garden monitoring system also for proper maintenance of gardening area
  • Smart farming system by monitoring the field also using soil and weather detection sensors
  • Periodic monitoring of water quality also to enhance the growth of crops
  • Efficient monitoring of a patient’s environment also in a hospital environment
Labview Project Titles
  • Data visualizations of the environmental variations also using LabVIEW
  • Remote Monitoring for educational purposes using Arduino and also LabVIEW
  • Wireless Fidelity and Arduino enabled multiple sensors also based environmental monitoring system
  • Earlier detection of natural disaster also using environmental monitoring system based on internet of things
  • RFID based secure environmental monitoring system also for agricultural application
  • Environmental monitoring and controlling of certain devices and also create an automation system

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