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The reflection paper writing is about to explain the common information’s and our opinions that we have in the topic of our research work.

We need to write about the information’s that we have analyzed while studying the existing research works particularly reading the research literature’s to identify the topic of our research work.

We need to reveal writing about the opinion that we had while choosing the suitable topic for our research work.

In the reflection paper we have to provide only the original information’s that we have gathered to know about our research field in order to get the information in relevant to our research topic.

In the research reflection paper by the writing alone we are able to provide the discussion and the major opinions that we have in the research topic.

There are two types of research paper they are

  1. Experimental research papers.
  2. Textual research papers.

Experimental research paper – The experimental research paper is always written on the personal experimentation and on personal observation. In this experimental research papers we write the information’s depending on our own understanding that we have in the research field corresponding to our research topic.

Textual research paper – The textual research paper is written in the text format analyzing the research area to find the research information’s based on our research topic. We have to then interpret on our research information in relation to our research topic.

Here is the step-by-step explanation to write the reflection paper:

Step 1: Choosing interesting research topic:

Before writing the research paper first we need to decide the topic for our research reflection paper. The topic that we have chosen for our research should be interesting both for us and for the readers of our research paper.

The interesting topic that we had chosen will make us more enjoyable to write our research paper and as the same the interesting research topic will make the readers feel engaging with our research paper.

We have to write the short summary based on the experience of learning our research topic and we need to write our thoughts that we have in the research topic.

We have to write about the memorable information that we have while learning the research topic and we need to explain writing on how the important research information influenced us.

Step 2: Introduction of the reflection paper:

The introduction of our reflection paper has to contain the information written about the research topic and the main purpose of our research.

We need to write about our choice on selecting the topic for our research and write them in the introduction with the correct reason based on our observation.

The main purpose of writing the reflection paper is to clearly provide our knowledge that we have in our research area and we need to write by conveying the feelings that we have in our research subject.

Step 3: Analyzing the existing research journals:

Once we have chosen the research topic we need to analyses and gather information from the research journals that are related to our research topic.

By gathering the related information’s for our research topic we will be having the deep knowledge and are able to understand the concepts that were said in the existing research journals.

We need to ask several questions to ourselves while choosing the relevant research journals on how this information will be useful for our research topic and how this information will seek the reader’s information.

While gathering the information for our research we have to selectively choose the unsolved research issues and find out the problems form the referred existing research work to make them solve with our research topic.

Step 4: Central theme of the research topic:

After analyzing all the research journals that are in relevant to our research topic we need to next find out and mention the main theme of our research topic.

The main theme of the research topic is identified by keeping in mind all the common research issues based on our strong opinion.

The choosing of main theme for the research is important so as to keep the readers of our research reflection paper feel engaging with our research topic.

We have to connect the main points of the references with our opinion to write the necessary information’s that will enrich our research topic.

Step 5: Concept of the reflection paper:

In the main concept of the reflection paper we will be writing our important analysis from the existing journals with the proper statement.

We shall provide the direct information’s that we have read in the existing research paper and then the examples of the reference are also written to decide the concept of the reflection paper.

The important statements and the important learning from the existing researches are written based on our own influence.

Each of the research concepts has to provide the exclusive idea to the readers of our reflection paper and the explained concept should be able attract our readers as they are finding some novel idea in the research concept.

Step 6: Conclusion of the reflection paper:

The conclusion part of reflection paper has to be written by stating with the specific information by bringing out the concept of our reflection paper and to justify the concepts with the methods that we have mentioned.

We have to explain what we have learned during our research analysis and write about our analyzed information’s that we have used to write the other sections of the reflection paper.

We need not to bring any kind of new information’s in the research conclusion part yet we have to restate the information’s that we have written in the various sections of the reflection paper.

Step 7: References of the reflection paper:

We have to mention a list of all the research articles or research papers that we had referred in our reflection paper.

By mentioning the research papers and research articles in our reflection paper we have to stand in a unique way of sharing the available proof regarding our research.

We have to ensure that the listed research journals are the recent year’s existing research journals. We have to ensure proper citation and referencing throughout the writing of the reflection paper.

By providing the proper reference we shall show our knowledge in the research field. The readers who read our reflection paper must have the satisfaction of finding some innovation in our work with all the proper informative proofs.

All the above discussed steps will help us to write the reflection paper for our research work.

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