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The use of databases for journal indexing helps to provide credibility to those publications and journals which are true, authentic and genuine based on their ideology to promote new technology and innovation in the field of science. One among the group of databases for journal indexing is Scopus database, which is most popular. It finds and addresses millions of journals over all domains and disciplines.

A researcher can get a valid recognition for their research work if their work is published on Scopus database. It will be the first step of appreciation you will receive for your tremendous work. Most of the researchers find it difficult to identify about the good journal for Scopus index for their work on specific brand. By going through this article you will get to know about the complete process of publishing your work in very popular journal Scopus to get reputation world-wide.

Scouring the Scopus Database for Suitable Journals

  • The database of Scopus journal has a very huge collection of publications and journals in it with papers from all areas, fields and domains.
  • You can find any information or data regarding your doubts from Scopus, because it has millions and thousands of journals paper in it which can help you.
  • To get your work published in the Scopus, you should go through it and find a list of journals related to your domain in which you can publish your article.
  • You can do the following searches to find the suitable journal:
  • Discipline
  • Specialization
  • Country
  • Area of the research they experimented
  • By following these steps you can find a best Scopus-indexed journal which best suits your domain or field of the article to be published.

Carefully Considering each Short-Listed Journal

  • Now you will have a list of potential journals from Scopus, from that you should select one which matches your article to publish in the journal.
  • You should select one by considering some criteria, which one falls under all criteria would best fit for your article.
  • The criterions you should consider are:
  • Reach – Peoples from which country can read the journal from which the publication is done
  • Reader base – Amount of subscribers the channel have for it
  • Reputability – Whether the channel is a respectable and well known among academic field world wide
  • Type – To access the channel is should be subscribed or it is an open source
  • Review process – The process of review done by the journal is over stringent or lax
  • Time taken – Will the journal take more or less time to publish the article after review
  • Cost prize – Is there any payment required for registration or publication for the journal
  • Impact factor – Consider about the journal’s reach, reputability and reader base
  • By considering these entire factors one can easily identify the journal, from the list of journals they have in which they can publish their article.
  • Also think of the domain or the area of journal which matches your brand of your paper to publish article.
  • These are the simple, straightforward and easy process to be followed to get published in Scopus-indexed journals.

Filing a Convincing Application with the Chosen Journal

  • To make your article to get published in the Scopus-indexed journal, first you have to submit application for it.
  • Follow the upcoming process to fill your application:
  • The one section of your article that is abstract, should be published
  • Cover letter
  • For creating a good abstract should start working on it earlier before the time of submitting application.
  • Writing an abstract is the most difficult and crucial part, because it holds the summary of whole research along with introduction part.
  • For your work to be published in a Scopus-indexed journal, you should have completed writing your paper before submitting application for it or would have started writing at least.
  • You write a formal letter that is Cover Letter for the editor-in-chief in Scopus-indexed journal.
  • The cover letter should have details such as:
  • Importance of work related to specific field, how can your research make contribution to it
  • The problem which has been solved from your research work
  • Advantages of the result by considering the future scope
  • Hoe your research methodologies are unique, authentic and unusual from others
  • If you have prepared an abstract which will be more engaging and appealing for the one who review it before publishing your article, and also the Cover Letter should be convincing with your hard-work and genuine effort to make your article selected for publishing in Scopus-indexed journal.

Submitting the Manuscript & Dealing with the Review Process

  • When you get an offer of your article being accepted by the specific journal to publish it in the Scopus-indexed journal and ask you to submit your manuscript, now it’s time for you to refine it and make it better as much it could be.
  • To make your paper richer in class, there is no need of fancy language or more details or many data.
  • Your research paper could be world-class by adding details such as:
  • Attractive title
  • Provoking Abstract and Introduction part
  • The content in your body should have more authentic data, case studies, literature survey, figures, stats and research methodologies.
  • The result part should also be satisfactory with better outcomes and conclusion from the research and also importance of each finding.
  • By following the above mentioned criteria your paper can reach a world class level and you can be sure that your paper will definitely be accepted by the journal to publish it.
  • If your paper has successfully accepted by the journal, now you have to pass the process of review which the journal follows.
  • During this process of review, the committee of review or the committee of editing will allocate reviewers from their peer to verify, check and to find errors from it. Then they demand you to make corrections in your manuscript accordingly.
  • After the corrections are made by you then again the editing or reviewing committee will go through it to make sure every corrections have been rectified or not and decide whether now the paper can be sent for publication in their journal.
  • If the author of research has received the approval message from the editing or reviewing committee, the authors can take rest now and be relaxed with the hope that their article will be published and can get a place in the Scopus-indexed channel which they chose to publish their paper.

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