Direct Sensing Two-Axis Solar Tracking System with Intelligent Monitoring

   Direct Sensing Two-Axis Solar Tracking System with Intelligent Monitoring is develop for the purpose of enriching the production of electricity. Solar panels are the key for generating electricity in this work that makes use of sunrays.

The direction of sunrays is vary in accordance to the earth movement, so in this proposed system solar tracking is perform which is enabled to change its position.

In the photovoltaic panels are specially used for solar based projects. This Direct Sensing Two-Axis Solar Tracking System with Intelligent Monitoring enriches the efficiency of electricity production. The scarcity problem of electricity is resolve using solar panels whose resource is available abundantly.

   The proposed Direct Sensing Two-Axis Solar Tracking System with Intelligent Monitoring observes the sunlight directly to produce electricity. This system is equip with two-axis that moves Up, Down and also it rotates in two directions. The concept of dual-axis is operate using azimuth and elevation fundamentals. Based on the intensity of the light, the photovoltaic panels are automatically track in the respective direction.

Intelligent Solar Tracking Model

  • Photovoltaic Panel
  • Light Dependent Resistor Sensor
  • Motor Drive
  • Motor
  • Relay
  • Power Supply

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