Digital Image watermarking  using Matlab

The   technique of Digital Image watermarking using matlab is inserting an information to an image, then it can be further detected (or) extracted for different purposes which contain authentication and identification purposes. The important aspect of watermarking  is the method of hiding a message on a video (or) audio with data for the need to generate new data. The date cannot be replaced (or) remove a new data with the real one.

2015 IEEE Digital Image Watermarking using Matlab

1. Channel Capacity Analysis of the Generalized Spread Spectrum Watermarking in Audio Signals.
2. Time-Spread Echo-Based Audio Watermarking With Optimized Imperceptibility and Robustness.
3. On Local Prediction Based Reversible Watermarking.
4. Progressive Halftone Watermarking Using Multi-layer Table Lookup Strategy.
5. Auxiliary Metadata Delivery in View Synthesis Using Depth No Synthesis Error Model.
6. Towards Practical Self-Embedding for JPEG-Compressed Digital Images.
7. Physical Authentication of Control Systems: Designing Watermarked Control Inputs to Detect Counterfeit     Sensor Outputs.
8. Image Integrity Authentication Scheme Based on Fixed Point Theory.
9. Data Lineage in Malicious Environments.
10. Study on multiple watermarking scheme for GIS vector data.
11. Geometric properties of watermarking schemes.
12. Grayscale image digital watermarking technology based on wavelet analysis.
13. Capacity and reliability of digital watermarking.
14. A Blind Watermarking Technology Based on DCT Domain.
15. Efficient Watermarking Strategies.
16. An IPPCT Dynamic Watermarking Scheme Based on Chinese Remainder Theorem.
17. A color image multi-channel dwt domain watermarking algorithm for resisting geometric attacks.
18. Robust watermarking for text images based on Arnold Scrambling and DWT-DFT.
19. Design and implementation of real-time image watermarking.
20. A Rotation Resistant Image Watermarking Algorithm via Circle.

Characteristics of Digital Image watermarking using Matlab :

  • Inseparable

The embedded information can survive after compression, processing and format transformation.

  • Unchanging Data file size

The media of Data size cannot change before and after embedding operation because the embedded information are passed into the media.

  • Invisible / Inaudible

Without the use of digital content degradation, the information is embedded , because of the steps of embedding operation is small for human to identify the change.


Stages of Digital Image Watermarking Using Matlab:

  1. Processing: How to modify original Data to embed watermark.
  2. Location selection: where to embed watermark.

Standard Technique used in Digital Image Watermarking using matlab:

  1. European union sponsored two projects such as talisman and VIVA as testing watermarking for broadcast monitoring.
  2. The CPTWG (copy protection technical working group) tested the watermarking systems for the purpose of protecting video on DVD disks.

The context of Designing advanced MPEG standards, Interest took by ISO

( International Organization for standardization).

Types in Digital Image watermarking using matlab :

Semi-private(semi-blind) watermarking.
Private (non-blind) watermarking.
Public (blind ) watermarking.

 Semi-private(semi-blind) watermarking:

            Original cover data not used for detection ,it  tries for the question to answer.Evidence in court ownership is the major application of blind and semi-blind watermarking.

Private (non-blind) watermarking:

            The original cover Data are required for extraction/detection.

            Type 1:

                        System use original cover data to find the watermark and to extract watermark from steno-Data.

            Type 2:

                        Copy of embedded watermark required to determine the steno-data with watermark.

Public (blind ) watermarking :

            The cover data (or) embedded watermarks are not required for extraction.

Extraction of watermarking:

            In market space, a simple watermarking system operates.

            The process of map points in media space to plot points in other marking space.

Application of Digital Image watermarking using Matlab:
  • Broadcast monitoring
  • Copyright protection.
  • Images and Document security.
  • Copy protection
  • Content authentication.