Biomedical Mini Projects

   Biomedical Mini Projects are present for academic learners pursuing their graduate degree in Engineering under different branches. Mini Projects are handle in the stage ¾ of your educational course duration.

The basic subjective knowledge is efficiently fed by your educational faculties, whereas developing a complete project requires expert’s advice.

Handling mini project in your academic is essential for strengthening your subjective knowledge with practical models. From this, you can learn the theoretical aspects applied for the development of an embedded kit. Your educational syllabus would have cross so many topics in your major area; however the practical applicability of those concepts were only imaginable.

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   Mini project is a fabulous opportunity to design your imagine concepts in a small scale infrastructure. Healthcare is the key role of designing biomedical based projects to serve public people with advance facilities. Students are responsible to develop new inventions that are assure to produce better future generations. The activities handle in biomedical are majorly related to sensors. The field of medicine is integrate with electronics to construct faster enhancements that makes life easier.

Smaller diseases in human are enabled to be track using different types of electronics instruments that help to stay patient at home and hospital free environment.

The main goal of Biomedical with electronics is to bring medical applications into handheld at homes. Few medical electronic elements includes respiratory monitoring, oxygen level indicator, stress measurement, glucose level monitoring, heart beat detection and more.

    Biomedical Mini Projects are exploring its innovations in a wide range of framework that is support for real world medical products. The significant necessity of electronics is illustrate in the following,

Need for Electronics in the Field of Biomedical

  • Global data communication
  • Portable devices
  • Rapid data transmission
  • Economical measurement systems
  • Low power consuming devices
  • Easier measurement
  • Faster decision making

   Mini Projects may not aware for students, since this is an emerging area for implementing projects. Students are guide from the project domain selection until the project viva voce held at their institution. We present Biomedical-Mini-Projects in Embedded systems that meet all your project objectives.

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 From the knowledge of our experts, we have categorize all the topics that are latest in the embedded system and applicable for Biomedical Mini Projects,

  • A personalized health monitoring system develop also with the assistance of internet of things environment
  • Development of wearable sensors also for elderly person monitoring
  • A biometric based patient visited list management also in hospital environment
  • A novel heartbeat monitoring system also design with the assistance of internet of things environment
  • An automatic vehicle locking system also based on consumption of alcohol using Global Positioning system technology
  • Management of intensity of street lights that are also light emitting diodes using microcontroller based embedded system
  • Development of home appliances also for a smart home environment and control using wireless Bluetooth technology
  • Using 8051 microcontroller also for designing a digital tachometer
  • An advance digital temperature monitoring system to monitor patient temperature and also alert if any abnormality is detect
  • Using PIV microcontroller also for designing a water management system
  • A path segregating system for ambulance also by controlling the traffic lights remotely using 8051 microcontroller
  • Radio Frequency Identification technology based also secure patient admission system
  • A vehicle speed control system also that is controlled using a wireless technology
  • A smart surveillance system at hospitals also using PIR sensors to detect theft
  • An intelligent voice recognition system also using in any autonomous applications
  • Harmful gases detection system also that identifies the amount of polluted air present in the atmosphere
  • An efficient railway track security system also to safe guard public lives
  • Faster and secure accessing of patient records also using RFID technology
  • An advanced vehicle parking system also to avoid unnecessary confusions in the parking lots
  • A real time ECG signals of a patient monitoring system also to detect cardiovascular disease