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In writing a research proposal, a literature review is considered as an important aspect and also termed as literature survey. It contributes various significant factors in formatting and assisting your suggested research. Across spectrum of subject areas we [provide original work from subject specialists. The research proposal work done by our team will be free from plagiarism and at affordable cost. Below, we suggest you some ideas on how the literature review is very helpful for the approach:

  1. Establishing Background and Context: It offers an extensive description of the previous study related to your concept. This assists in demonstrating the background and settings for the specified research. It also depicts where the study aligns with the wider institutional discussions.
  2. Finding out Gaps in Existing Research: To find out gaps or uninvestigated regions within the recent projects, it is advisable to carry out an in-depth literature survey. Emphasizing these gaps is important for supporting the requirements and significance of your suggested work.
  3. Structuring Research queries: You can efficiently structure your research queries or theories through the interpretation of the existing range of expertise. These queries and theories can solve uninvestigated factors or offer novel insights to your domain.
  4. Guiding Methodology: Examining current research provides new perceptions into different techniques that are utilized in your domain. This assists you to select proper techniques for your research and also supports you to neglect some possible difficulties discovered in relevant studies.
  5. Theoretical Frameworks: Literature reviews are very useful for you to detect and choose theoretical models that are employed in your field of study. Note that your proposal can confront or develop over these models.
  6. Supporting the Significance of Study: You can assuredly discuss the importance and possible effects of your suggested research by stating the expertise of current study.
  7. Building Reliability: An extensively carried out literature review states that you have a complete interpretation of your domain that includes reliability to your suggested approach.
  8. Enhance the Research: Through the effective literature review, you will discover novel insights or perceptions for your concept that you had not approached at first. It also enables you to enhance and strengthen the research study.
  9. Neglecting Duplication: It is important to consider that an in-depth survey makes sure that you are not carrying out a research that has previously been investigated. Therefore, it helps to neglect unwanted replications of study.
  10. Setting a Standard for the Study: A literature review offers a standard that contrasts with the gauge of your own results and dedications.

What should be included in a research proposal for a PhD?

For a PhD application, a research proposal is a document that describes our suggested research work. It must certainly state our interpretation of the field of study, describe the research queries, and define how we intend to examine these queries. The following are some sections that we generally incorporate in our research proposal:

  1. Title: In this section, a brief and explanatory title is specified for our research work.
  2. Abstract or Executive Description: It includes a short description ranging from 200 to 300 words that explains the important factors of our research study which incorporates research issue, methodology, and possible dedications.
  3. Introduction: This section involves the following contents:
  • Background and Context: Creation of context that offers an existing knowledge to our research concept, such as an explanation of the recent research approach and important literature.
  • Research Issue: Explicit description of the research issue that we aim to solve.
  • Research Queries or Goals: Demonstration of the research goal or queries. These must be particular, practicable, and attainable within a specified duration of our PhD.
  1. Literature Review:
  • Our work is to state the interpretation of the previous research in our domain.
  • Appropriately examine the recent literature and find out the gaps that our research intends to achieve.
  1. Methodology:
  • Describe the techniques that we will utilize to carry out our study. It incorporates contents based on research development, data gathering approaches, data analysis ideas, and other equipment or methods we will employ.
  • It is valuable to support our technique selections.
  1. Theoretical Model: Our aim is to consider the theoretical model if possible and it will justify the study.
  2. Significance and Contribution:
  • We describe the importance of our research, like how it will be dedicated to the domain? What novel perceptions or skills will it offer?
  • It includes the description of possible effects of our discoveries.
  1. Moral Considerations:
  • Specifically, when dealing with human or animal-based aspects, we intend to solve all the moral problems relevant to the study.
  • Demonstration of how we will make sure that moral norms are properly followed.
  1. Research Plan and Timeframe:
  • It is advantageous to set a timeframe for our research, dividing the work into various phases and assigning time to every section.
  • This depicts the practicality of the work and our capacity to handle an extended work.
  1. Budget (if required):
  • Encompass a budget aspect by overviewing anticipated expenses if our study needs funding.
  1. References or Bibliography:
  • Mention all the sources or materials that are specified in our proposal. Confirm that we stick to proper educational citation format.
  1. Appendices (if needed):
  • In the appendices, we incorporate some supplementary data like well-defined methodology, initial data, or reports that justify our research proposal.

Important Hints:

  • Transparency and Precision: It is essential to make sure that the proposal is transparent, detailed, and without the existence of any phrases or idioms.
  • Feasibility: Based on the specified time, materials and range, state that the research is practical.
  • Fit with PhD Standards: Demonstrate that the research proposal is of particular range and broad suitable for a PhD-standard study.
  • Novelty: Emphasize the novel factors of the research and in what way it will dedicate novel expertise or point-of-views to the specific domain.

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PhD Research Proposal Writing Help

Get your research proposal accepted from your university we lay our stupendous service in writing your proposal, quality control and quality maintenance is the major work ethics we follow. We develop your research proposal in a clear cut and winning approach so that it acceptance will be of 100%. From any AI tools your content will be not be placed, everything will be our original work. Some of the recent topics that we worked are.

  1. FPGA-based design and implementation of the 3GPP-LTE physical layer using parameterized synchronous dataflow techniques
  2. High efficiency wideband envelope tracking power amplifier with direct current sensing for LTE applications
  3. Feasibility of capacity enhancement of public safety LTE using device-to-device communication
  4. Self-optimizing adaptive transmission mode selection for LTE-WLAN aggregation
  5. Research On Performance Testing For Urban Scenario Based On Terminal Equipment Of LTE-V2X Vehicle Network
  6. Priority capabilities in LTE supporting national security and emergency preparedness next generation network priority services
  7. Resource sharing in D2D communication underlaying cellular LTE-A networks
  8. A modified E-shaped triple-band patch antenna for LTE communication applications
  9. A microstrip line-fed multi-resonant slot antenna in the 4G/LTE band for smartphones
  10. Compact LTE frame antenna with a narrow metal clearance and a radiating feed network for the metal-casing smartphone
  11. Design of wideband microstrip antenna with parasitic element for 4G/LTE application
  12. A dynamic downlink load control scheme with virtual coverage adjustments for two-tier LTE systems
  13. Co-channel coexistence between DVB-T/H and LTE standards in a shared frequency band
  14. Consideration of MIMO in the planning of LTE networks in urban and indoor scenarios
  15. Analysis and evaluation of Cooperative Multi-Point transmission/reception and soft handover for LTE-Advanced
  16. Energy-efficient resource allocation scheduler with QoS aware supports for green LTE network
  17. Distributed and Prioritised Scheduling to Implement Carrier Aggregation in LTE Advanced Systems
  18. Shared Spectrum Access between PMSE Cameras and Private LTE Networks in the 2.3 GHz Band
  19. System level performance evaluation of various carrier aggregation scenarios in LTE-advanced
  20. A resilient packet ring based backhaul for LTE networks that reduces handover latency

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