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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the latest technology which is designed to behave like a human intelligence artificially. To get more knowledge about this technology continue reading this paper till end and know about the perspectives of this method.

  1. Define AI Technology

AI is a current technology which describes the development in algorithms and computer systems which improves the performance of a computer by doing task and taking decisions by their own just like human doing with their intelligence. The AI technology will do functions same as human such as understanding language, learning, perception, problem solving and reasoning. This technique is built based on different techniques which include robotics, computer vision, natural language processing, deep learning, and machine learning.

  1. Where AI Technology is used?

In this section we are going to discuss about the uses of AI. The different uses of AI technology include Machine Learning, Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision, Autonomous Systems, Expert Systems, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Robotics and Speech Recognition.

  1. Why AI Technology is proposed? Previous Technology Issues

This AI technology was proposed in order to make this technique to address some problems to enhance its efficiency in various fields. Some of the important reasons for which AI technology was proposed are: Automation, Data Analysis, Environmental Monitoring, Forecasting, Handling Complexity and Real-time Decision-Making.

Moving on to the next section, here we are going to discuss about the challenges faced by this AI technology. The issues faced by this technology earlier are listed here: Automating repetitive tasks, Cost reduction, Solving Complex problems, Data overload, Environmental monitoring, Handling ambiguity, Natural language interaction, Scalability and Uncertainty.

  1. Algorithms / Protocols

After knowing about the technology, uses of it and the issues faced by them in the earlier stage, now we are going to learn about the algorithms used for this technology. The algorithms provided for AI to overcome the previous issues faced by it are: “Advanced Fuzzy Inference System”, “Bandwidth aware Routing Protocol” (BRP), “Boosted U-Net” (BU-Net) Algorithm, “Crystal Structure Optimization Algorithm” (CryStAl), “Support Vector Machine” (SVM), “Versatile Loss Pass Weiner” (VLPW).

  1. Comparative study / Analysis

Here in this section we are going to compare different algorithms related to this study in order to find the best one. The comparison is done between Number of nodes vs. Power consumption, Number of nodes vs. Packet Loss and Number of nodes vs. Delay.

  1. Simulation results / Parameters

The approaches which were proposed to overcome the issues faced by AI in the above section are tested using different methodologies to analyze its performance. The comparison is done by using metrics like Accuracy, F1-score, Precision and Recall.

  1. Dataset LINKS / Important URL

Here are some of the links provided for you below to gain more knowledge about AI which can be useful for you:

  1. AI Technology Applications

In this next section we are going to discuss about the applications of AI technology. This technology has been employed in many industries, from which some of them are listed here: Education, Sustainability and Energy, Agriculture, Media and Entertainment, Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, E-commerce and Retail also Transportation.

  1. Topology

Here you are going to learn about the different choices of topologies which can be used in AI for monitoring health. They are: Application, Data preprocessing, Data collection layer and Feedback loop, Management, Storage and Training.

  1. Environment

The environment suitable for this technology includes circumstances in which the AI systems are utilized, deployed and developed. This should consider various factors and components which gives more strength to AI landscape.

  1. Simulation Tools

Here we provide some simulation software for AI, which is established with the usage of tools like “Simulation of Urban Mobility” (SUMO) and along with “Objective Modular Network” (OMNET++), to enhance its performance.

  1. Results

After going through this research based on AI Technology, you can understand in detail about this technology, applications of this technology, different topologies of it, algorithms followed by it also about the limitations and how it can be overcome.

Artificial Intelligence Technology Research Ideas

  1. Research on anomaly detection technology of power equipment based on AI vision analysis technology
  2. Application of AI, Big Data and Cloud Computing Technology in Smart Factories
  3. The Way Forward for Legal Knowledge Engineers in the Big Data Era with the Impact of AI Technology
  4. Research on Influence of AI Technology on Aesthetic Teaching in Colleges and Universities and Coping Methods
  5. The influence and remodeling of artificial intelligence technology to China’s news dissemination industry: Taking the application of Baidu Brain AI core technology engine as an example
  6. Exploring Ai Technology to Create Children’s Illustrated Storybook
  7. Sustainable AI & Agricultural Technologies
  8. Research on the Application of Public Cultural Service APP Design Based on AI Technology
  9. Design and Implementation of Image Recognition System Based on AI Intelligent Video Technology
  10. The Application of AI Speech Evaluation Technology in College English Teaching under the Smart Classroom Teaching Mode
  11. Preliminary Study of Urban Land Use Classification Using Historical Aerial Photos and AI Technology
  12. Potential usage of AI in Blockchain Technology
  13. AI Chatbot Technology to Predict Disease: A Systematic Literature Review
  14. Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Electrical Automation Control
  15. AI Technologies, Innovations and Possibilities in Wildlife Conservation
  16. Big Data Mining Algorithm of Internet of Things Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology
  17. Practical Application of Electronic Information Engineering Technology in Artificial Intelligence
  18. The Software Design Based on K-means Algorithm and Artificial Intelligence Technology
  19. The AI Digital Revolution in Innovation: A Conceptual Framework of Artificial Intelligence Technologies for the Management of Innovation
  20. Application of Artificial Intelligence and Visual Programming Technologies in Digital Interactive Project Development
  21. Revolutionizing Crop Management: A Smart Approach with WSN and AI Technology
  22. Fostering a Predictive Model with Neural Networks Trading in the Forex Market using AI Technology
  23. A Study of Instrument Playing Action Recommendation Scheme with AI Vision Technology
  24. Application of 5G+AI technology in agricultural administrative law enforcement
  25. Blockchain Integration with Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things Technologies
  26. Managing the Artificial Intelligence Technologies for the Higher Education Sphere
  27. Prospects for Artificial Intelligence Technologies, Neural Networks and Computer Systems within the Development of Linguistics
  28. A Cluster Management System for Underwater Unmanned Energy Storage Stations Based on Edge-Cloud Integration Technology and AI Technology
  29. Use of AI & Embedded Technology in Human Identity Chips for IoMT
  30. A Framework for Piano Online Education Based on Multi-Modal AI Technology
  31. Applying Artificial Intelligence Technology in China’s Intelligent Manufacturing Industry
  32. Intelligent Recognition of Incorrect Movements in Athlete Training under Artificial Intelligence Technology
  33. Impact Analysis of Integrating AI, IoT, Big Data, and Blockchain Technologies: A Comprehensive Study
  34. Edge Detection Algorithm for Power Operation Monitoring Video Based on AI Technology
  35. Development of Product Quality with Enhanced Productivity in Industry 4.0 with AI Driven Automation and Robotic Technology
  36. Smart recruitment tool with AI Technology
  37. Application of RPA-AI technology in enterprise financial intelligence
  38. Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Teaching English Language to Engineering Bachelors
  39. Research on English Translation System Based on Computer Intelligent AI Assisted Technology
  40. AI Technology for Anti-Aging: an Overview
  41. A Review on Sensors and Technologies in Smart Farming Using AI and IoT Perspective and Their Challenges
  42. Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology in the Identification of Technological Security Risks
  43. Topical Issues of the Use of Artificial Intelligence Technologies in Education and Law
  44. Implementation of Artificial Intelligence Based Image Creation Technology for Conceptual Ideas in 3D Visual Modeling
  45. Research on Human-Computer Interaction System of Intelligent Connected Vehicle Based on Computer AI Artificial Intelligence Technology
  46. Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Internet Finance and Analysis of Security Risks
  47. Using Telematics and AI Technology to Reduce Road Accidents for Heavy-Duty Vehicles
  48. Brain Study to Understand Destructive Alzheimer Disease and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology in Art Creation
  49. Brand Visual Model Design Based on Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technology
  50. Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology in the Design of Intelligent Networked Vehicle Talent Training System

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