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Army Mine Detecting Robot Prototyping is an embedded system designed to safely isolate unexploded landmines that are hidden into the land surface. The hiding of many number of landmines are commonly happened by the one’s territory into their enemy’s territory.

Landmines are the devices, which explodes automatically when pressure exerted on it.

The development of army mine detecting robot is specially used by army force to safe lives of our nation. Using a robot for detecting such a harmful device helps to detect accurately without any life loss. An army mine detecting robot prototyping is capable to withstand the blast reflection upto certain limit.

A set of hardware devices are require to develop a robot, those requirements are illustrate below,

Components and their Purposes

  • Arduino Uno Microcontroller program to detect landmines and obey commands from other modules
  • Ultrasonic Sensors are present to detect the distance, which is similar to the transducers
  • Global Positioning System Module for predicting the location with latitude and longitude measurements
  • DC motor is used to move the designed robot in different directions
  • ZigBee Module for reliable delivery of data between devices
  • Liquid Crystal Display to show the latitude and longitude of the detected landmine
  • Buzzer is present to alert the presence of landmines

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