Arduino UNO Projects

   Arduino UNO Projects are the designs create to support each one’s daily life with security, automation, control systems and also task execution. UNO is a microcontroller that is linked via wired / wireless connection to generate a complete plan model. Arduino-UNO-Projects operates based on ATMEGA 328 and also ATMEGA 2560 which is assemble with other essential devices. Our project designers are also equip with in-depth skills in designing any type of complex challenges into a small kit. A collection of devices for particular purpose is also construct on Arduino-UNO-Projects. Projects in Arduino UNO are novel ideas create based on IEEE paper concepts which help to enhance your knowledge.

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   In recent days, electronics are becoming one of the most overlook topic among students pursuing final year degree. Arduino UNO is also being used in everyone’s routine life without knowingly. Students learn only basics of electronics, where project will also your best opportunity to learn more about the field of electronics and also their advancements. In Arduino UNO Projects, sensors play major role in designing a pre-plan system also for specific application. Arduino are enable to extend on both software and hardware environments. Hereby, we have also enlist the topics covered in Arduino Projects.

Presently Arduino-UNO is involve to construct,

  • Smart home
    • -Alert theft
  • Smart home appliances
    • -Power saving in household appliances
  • Smart city
    • -Garbage monitoring
  • Smart traffic management
    • -Minimize traffic congestion
  • Smarter medical environment also with patient comforts
    • -Monitoring vital signs of patients
  • Smart driving
    • -Speed and fuel monitoring
  • Smart industries
    • -Monitoring temperature and also load
  • Smart agriculture
    • -Automatic irrigation system

    UNO Projects is built to perform specific task in certain area and serve that application effectively. Our team also for Arduino-UNO-Projects is composed of a set of members handled by two experts for guiding a project. Technical professionals have splendid embed skills and also millions of ideas to assist students with current tending topics on Arduino-UNO. Our outstanding practice team works on knowing the benefits and limitations of each device also used in the model. Projects practically demonstrates the applications in a kit design, further the results are analyze and it can also create into wider range.

Few leading academic concepts were built by our expert’s team using Arduino UNO,

  • Arduino UNO used also for designing binary calculator to perform addition operation
  • Infrared remote also for controlling home theaters and speaker system at colleges / conferences using Arduino UNO
  • Automatic garage door opening system designed also based on Arduino to sophisticate mechanics
  • Innovative designing of driverless metro train also for minimizing human interventions in driving
  • A power saving automatic lighting systems at homes also using Arduino UNO
  • Automatic reminder for timely medicine intake also for memory loss individuals using Arduino
  • Continuous monitoring of temperature and also humidity on any type of environment
  • Radio frequencies also based remote controllers robot
  • Attractive and also fancy LED lightings over indoor environments
  • Fingerprint based secure house door unlocking systems also using Arduino microcontroller
  • An efficient watering system at gardens in home also for mitigating human interventions and enriched growth of plants
  • Keypad based keyless door locking system also for assuring security by using Arduino
  • Songs playing electronic piano designed also using Arduino
  • Designing a cube also with Light emitting Diodes with the assistance of Arduino UNO
  • Displaying characters on LCD display on hospitals and also malls using Arduino UNO microcontroller
  • Door monitoring and alerting the owners via SMS also using Arduino
  • Detection of available parking lots and also guide car drivers accordingly
  • Arduino UNO designs also a drinking water quality monitoring system before consuming
  • An effective speedometer design also for bicycles using Arduino
  • An reminder system also for watering plants at their periodic timings