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5G based projects aims to provide a platform for exchanging ideas in novel emerging trends that needs focus and exposure. 5G network is the newest standard in cellular networks. It is the great successor of the 4G (LTE) standard. 5G permits a novel kind of network designed to connect virtually everybody and everything together, including machinery, objects, and devices.

Research Topics in 5G Network

Below, we have mentioned the topics based on the fifth-generation (5G); it is a cellular system that will be hyper-connected networks, mostly containing prevalent smart objects.

5G Wireless Communications

  • Mimo Systems
  • Channel Modelling
  • Network Architectures
  • Green Wireless Networks
  • Microwave/mm-wave Circuits
  • Antennas & Integrated Antennas


Top 25+ 5G Based Projects [Moving Towards Future Technology]

We have listed below trending 25+ research areas in which 5g based projects can be implemented. Get Guidance to implement 5G Research Projects.

  1. Industrial Robots.
  2. Robotics Involvement in Healthcare system.
  3. Virtual Reality Applications.
  4. Autonomous Vehicle Driving System.
  5. Augmented Reality Technology.
  6. Covid 19 Prevention using Robots.
  7. Virtual Omnipresence in Reality Functions.
  8. Mining Operations.
  9. 5G Technology [Vehicle]
  10. Delivery using Robots
  11. Forest Monitoring
  12. Preventing Fire Attack in Forest
  13. Fashion using Virtual Reality Concepts
  14. Future Air Drone Taxi System
  15. Railway Operations.
  16. Monitoring Surveillance.
  17. Computer Vision [Diagnosis]
  18. Agriculture Operations.
  19. Military Surveillance.
  20. Vehicle Tracking [Collision Estimation]
  21. Robots in Hospitality
  22. Industrial IoT.
  23. Home Smart IoT.
  24. Energy Efficient Tracking.
  25. Access Autopilot System.

How to Prepare Cover Letter for 5G Based Projects?

 A cover letter is the most crucial, and that creates an instant sample for your work. By reading the cover letter, the editor knows about the quality of the paper, your contributions, and your interest in publication. The editor should get the point that it is a good idea and this paper has merit to publish by reading a couple of lines from the cover letter. Hence, it must be prepared in the high-level quality. 

As a result of this, we have listed down vital points which should cover the cover letter for 5G based projects, and it is helpful for the readers for their future publications.

  • Short Summary of your Findings
  • Originality & Novelty 
  • Motivation for Submitting to the Journal
  • Provide use cases for the New Technology  

Here, you can get what the comments are asked during reviewing for 5G Final Year Project.

Research Ideas in 5G enabled IoT  

  • Localization
  • Green IoT
  • Sensor Networks
  • Integrated RFIDs
  • Active & Passive Sensors

What is IoT in 5G?

Internet of Things (IoT) has attracted prominent attention from researchers in multidisciplinary fields as an essential enabler of fifth-generation (5G) communications. 

Indeed, suppose human communications have been the reference target in previous generations of mobile networks. In that case, communications among smart objects and that will establish the main traffic type in next-generation cellular networks. On the one hand, the Internet of Things (IoT) will undoubtedly play a vital role in 5G based projects, wherein massive machine-type communications (mMTC) feature central and challenging use cases, as cellular connections among objects. On the other hand, 5G can be considered the foundation for unlocking the full potential of IoT. 

5G wireless communication will involve for the first time a wide use of the millimeter-wave spectrum (30–300 GHz). There are two elements of the 5G layers, and they are physical and logical layers. Let us discuss the points based on 5G layers.

What are the essential layers of 5G architecture? 
  • Physical Layer
    • mmWave
    • Massive MIMO
    • Full Dimension
  • Logical Layer
    • Cloud
    • NFV
    • SDN
    • Network Slicing

5G services have become increasingly prominent in applications employed in various smart city applications and air quality, the intelligent and efficient integration of various and wide-ranging IoT devices within or with the 5G pattern.

Reviewer and Editor Comments for 5G based Projects

  • What are the advantages of 5G from 4G?
  • What is the received power and signal strength at different distances?
  • How is the channel attenuation performed for a user to model?
  • What are the simulation parameters considered in 5G?
  • Detail about Network Slicing, Pico Cells, and Femto Cells

Based on our publishing experience and skill set, we can provide a detailed description of the above comments. In sum, you can grasp any novel idea from us even with a single mail. We never force you to pick our thoughts for thesis on 5g Technology. Instead, we first give you a list of novel topics based on 5G based projects. Then, we filter them upon your interest. From that, we guide you from choosing your topic until the publication. In the same way, we have discussions with you at all stages of the work so that you will able to track your work online or offline closely.

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