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Signal Processing Projects in Matlab A physical quantity which carries ideas is a signal. A steps or operation to meet its end is processing when the value of signal is through a continued time it is termed as analog signal or continuous time. Digital Signal Processing benefits: Linear phase Flexibility […]

Signal Processing Projects in Matlab

Projects on DIP       The process of converting the information (or) delivering to a person as the easiest way is the diagrammatic representation of pictures. The words of thousands compensated by pictures. A man can convey an information using the image, because a man can easily understood the visual with […]

Projects on DIP

PROJECTS ON IMAGE PROCESSING Projects on Image Processing will mainly useful for research scholars, under and post graduates students.  Most of the research scholars choose their area of image processing and develop a manuscript with some new advancement of their objective. Generally, the components of image processing are computer, mass […]

Projects on Image Processing

DSP Projects in MATLAB Digital signal processing (DSP projects in Matlab) has developed to be important, both technologically and theoretically. The major reason for its success in industry is its growth and low-cost for software and hardware.DSP algorithms are used in new technologies and applications in many fields. Due to […]

DSP Projects in MATLAB

STEGANOGRAPHY MATLAB Steganography Matlab Projects  is used to transmit the confidential information on secret communication channel. There are two types in steganography  they are fragile and Robust. Fragile: In this type of Steganography the information is concealed in a file and the file gets destroyed if the file is changed. […]


WATERMARKING MATLAB  Watermarking Matlab projects are developed for maintaining security in various applications. Watermarking is also known as hiding techniques which can be covering original information’s for secure transmission purposes. It can mark information with the help of low-level data. Hiding information into the digital media it comes under the […]


DSP MATLAB PROJECTS  In communication theory, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is an important field which is also important filed in consumer devices and digital technology. In one of the listed domains, engineers study digital signals in DSP Matlab Projects. Wavelet domains Frequency domain Spatial domain (multidimensional signals) Time domain (one […]


DIP PROJECTS IN MATLAB Collection of functions that extend the ability of MATLAB numeric computing environment is Image processing Toolbox. Matlab language make image processing operations elegant to state in simple and neat manner by providing ideal software prototyping environment by offering an answer to image processing problems.DIP projects in […]

DIP Projects in Matlab